Thursday, February 2, 2017

What We've Seen and Heard

God has been gracious to me and allow me to travel the world for over 20 years now. I have seen some amazing things. I have seen healings and miracles which could only come from God’s hand. Miracles like, a Hindu lady in India whose hearing was miraculously restored without anyone laying hands on her. God just showed up!!!! I have seen a woman who was paralyzed on her right side discover that God gave her full mobility. I have seen several back issues healed. I have seen the Lord heal the emotional pains as well. Like a pastor and his family, who lived in India. They were suffering so much as a family that when they came to our meetings they spoke the following to God. “ If we don’t get a miracle today, we will end our lives.” God gave them a miracle that day. I have seen salvation change the lives of the hurting and the demonically oppressed and possessed. I have heard God prophesy words which encouraged, edified, and corrected the body of Christ. I have seen the Lord spread out His apostolic mantle upon his people and what them rise with confidence. I have seen a whole church fall to their knees in worship because God’s presence was so strong and relevant. Like Apostles Peter and John declared to the religious official of the day. “ We cannot stop talking about what We’ve seen and heard.”

Acts 4:18-20 GW
(18)  They called Peter and John and ordered them never to teach about Jesus or even mention his name.
(19)  Peter and John answered them, "Decide for yourselves whether God wants people to listen to you rather than to him.
(20)  We cannot stop talking about what we've seen and heard."

I cannot stop sharing about God’s marvelous ways. It is important to share with the world what I have seen and heard. It is important that I never take credit for it but ensure that the living God gets all the glory. He deserves all glory! It is important that you and I wait for Him to do even mightier works. We have to place ourselves in the position to see and hear. It can’t be done hiding in our houses and never speaking to our neighbors. It can’t be done just on Sunday mornings. Being in the place to see and hear from God means getting out into the world. It means breathing His same air and bathing in  His  same sonlight.
So how can we stay in this current paradigm?
1. Don’t allow distractions of life run a muck.
2. Stay humble and broken before God’s presence.
3. Spend true valued time with the Lord.
4. G.O. ( Get Out!!!) Go into all the world.
5. Continue to tell what you have seen and heard.

“What we’ve have seen and heard” Let it be our banner to the world. 
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