Sunday, November 13, 2016

Why do some people have it made?

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Psalms 73:1-10 GW
(1)  A psalm by Asaph. God is truly good to Israel, to those whose lives are pure.
(2)  But my feet had almost stumbled. They had almost slipped
(3)  because I was envious of arrogant people when I saw the prosperity that wicked people enjoy.
(4)  They suffer no pain. Their bodies are healthy.
(5)  They have no drudgery in their lives like ordinary people. They are not plagued with problems like others.
(6)  That is why they wear arrogance like a necklace and acts of violence like clothing.
(7)  Their eyes peer out from their fat faces, and their imaginations run wild.
(8)  They ridicule. They speak maliciously. They speak arrogantly about oppression.
(9)  They verbally attack heaven, and they order people around on earth.
(10)  That is why God's people turn to wickedness and swallow their words.

Growing up, I remember knowing several people who seem to have the minus touch. They could cut up in the classroom, never study, and still make straight A's. It appeared that they never had to work hard at anything. For me, I had to study hard. I had to fight to get A's and B's in the classroom and I was never the class clown because I wanted to learn. When it came to the minus touch; I never had it. When I started our first church, there were no hand outs and I had to struggle to make things happen. When I started traveling the world, I had to trust the Lord and simply go. When I moved my family out to Kansas City, MO to plant another church. I had to trust the Lord again. No hand outs, no ministry support ( other than from my in-laws.) and we knew nobody. Today, I don't have a huge ministry and maybe I am not supposed to. Today, things are not booming for me and it appears it is for others. So what. It makes me no less. 

Asaph felt the same way. He looked around and saw that arrogant people seemed to be blessed. He saw that wicked people were rich beyond measure. It was hard to swallow. Asaph was serving the Lord but his life seemed like a consistent struggle. It did not seem fair!!!! Asaph had a revelation though towards the end of the passage of scripture. 

Psalms 73:13-17 GW
(13)  I've received no reward for keeping my life pure and washing my hands of any blame.
(14)  I'm plagued with problems all day long, and every morning my punishment begins again.
(15)  If I had said, "I will continue to talk like that," I would have betrayed God's people.
(16)  But when I tried to understand this, it was too difficult for me.
(17)  Only when I came into God's holy place did I finally understand what would happen to them.

He came to realize that trying to figure out life was not easy. What was simple was serving the Lord and following after him? We cannot explain life but we can explain afterlife. Asaph realized that his eternity was more important than his finite living. Simply put life is not fair and never will be. Some people will always have it made. Some will seem to have their ministry handed to them on a silver platter. Some will seem to sleep on mattresses filled with money. Unfortunately, some of us will have to work hard to accomplish even a fraction of things that others already have. Regardless, one thing that matters most of all is our relationship with the Living God. Knowing Him and beeing known by Him is the greatest accomplishment one could ever have. 

There are a few things to consider when thinking about why some people have it made. 

1. They are not better than you nor are you a loser.
2. You are not forgotten by God. Read the stories about Leah&Rachel, Joseph, and King David. All of them had to fight and go through extreme circumstances to get to a better life.
3. Society gravitates to the bubbly and outgoing. Just a fact. There is nothing you can do about that.
4. Everyone has different talents and gifts. Be happy with what you have.
5. Never compare yourself to someone else. You can't compare two things that are consistently opposite from each other. Square pegs can't fit into round holes.
6. Keep yourself grounded by surrounding yourself with the right people. Get a mentor.
7. Never become a critic. Sometimes when others appear to be successful; it is easy to become a critic instead of crusader for righteousness.
8. Everyone reaps what they have sown. Good or bad. 
9. Nothing is what it appears to be. Those who appear to have it all typically have closet demons they are fighting each and every day. 
10. Work hard and never stop doing what God has called you to do. Never worry about the size of the ministry or how many people you are ministering too. Get off your butt and go and get it!
11. Be faithful in what God has given you.
12. Be humble 

Nothing is for free and what you desire will never fall from the sky. You have to work for it and you have to keep moving for the Lord. 

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