Sunday, October 4, 2015

Past meets present

     This past Friday I had the privilege to perform a baptism.I always love doing baptisms because they are great examples of what our God is doing in other people's lives.

This baptism is special for it will be my last one performed in the great state of Missouri. It was also special due to the history of the river we performed the baptism at. Grand River baptist church is the church which has used this river for more than 150 years to perform baptisms. I had heard that in the winter time,during the old days, the congregation would chip through the ice in order to have a baptism. I love the history and the dedication of the Saints. Reverend Jeremiah Farmer was a church planter who planted this church over 150 years ago and baptized many in this same river. Some said he planted over 500 churches in the state of Missouri. What a remarkable brother in the faith.

God has a way of dealing the deck in our lives when it is time to move on. We started our journey here in Missouri with some baptisms and now we end our journey here the same. We became a part of history and forever be in the pages of the history book for this little country church. 

The past meets the present and the gospel of Jesus is still alive and well today.

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