Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I have been on this journey with the Lord these past few months. One word and one message has nagged my heart consistently. It is called Honor. My spirit has been grieving, in my opinion, with the Spirit of God due to the lack of  Honor in the body of Christ today and in the world.

Honor is important for the Christian and for the church. Without it, we have a grave problem,  and we are seeing it's lack within the church. What is honor? Why is it so important? Where have we gone wrong? How do we get it back?

Honor means having or giving high respect or esteem. Honoring someone means setting them aside and placing them in a place of visual and emotional status for others to see. In the churches I have pastored, some families or people would come into the congregation and stay awhile. Some would feel led to leave and go to another church. Sometimes I agreed with them and sometimes I did not. Nonetheless, we would honor them regardless of how long they stayed. If a congregation member felt led to go somewhere else; we would have a releasing service for them. We had a time of honoring them in the service. We would, if we could, have dinner for them after the service and simply release them to their next season in God. We respected them and esteemed them regardless if we agreed with their decision or not. It was to show honor and keep honor within our church. Many churches and pastors believe they are the " IT" church. There is only one "IT" church, and it is the church of Jesus Christ.

This attitude has changed dramatically in the present day church life. Judgment , gossip, control, and disrespect for God's children has plagued many congregations. The bible is very clear on the need of honor within our ranks. We have to get past our pride and arrogance and bring honor back to the body of Christ.

Humility comes from honor. Proverbs 15:33  The fear of the LORD is discipline leading to wisdom, and humility comes before honor. When we honor each other humility begins to reign within us. We will find ourselves caring for each other with a guenine heart. It is clear that we don't live to honor ourselves but others. Romans 14:7  It's clear that we don't live to honor ourselves, and we don't die to honor ourselves. We are commanded to honor everyone. It does not matter if we agree with them or if they have done us wrong. Honor should be given regardless. 1Peter 2:17  Honor everyone. Love your brothers and sisters in the faith. Fear God. Honor the emperor. 

My heart grieves for the church today, and how we treat each other. I have attended a church who is in desperate need of understanding honor. They had a pastor who had served their church for over 20 years. He possibly fell to some sin, and it went public. ( Due to a Jezebel in the church who , in my opinion needs to be dealt with swiftly.) They did not need to honor his proposed sin. However, they did need to honor his years of service. They should have had a releasing service for him and allowed people to speak on his behalf and give words of encouragement to him.( I understand people were hurt, but our walk with Christ comes first even beyond our hurt feelings.). They should have laid hands on him and his wife and honored them for what they did right instead of just focusing on what he did wrong. How many of us would be treated this way from Christ? I thank the Lord that He does not focus on my many mistakes but gives me grace and love to grow from them. Those who have refused to give honor where honor was due will be judged by Jesus one day. I believe this church will continue to struggle until they get the Jezebel out ,and they repent for not honoring the man and woman of God. This ex-pastor is still a son of God.

They made the same mistake with the music pastor. She was let go without any honor. I thought being a Christian meant being different from the world? I thought it meant rising above the world's actions and showing the love of Christ? Where is the honor? It would have happened to the Youth Pastor as well, but my family and I stepped in and made sure this youth pastor and his wife received honor. They are moving on to a different season in their life, and they needed to be released from the Youth pastoring ministry with honor. The new pastor was not present. The new youth pastor would not have done it either because many are honor deficient. The service was powerful due to honor. We prayed and laid hands on the couple and released them. Then we brought honor to the new youth pastor by laying hands on him and praying for him. This is how honor should work!

When we refuse to honor each other; we sin against our God and His commands. When honor is thrown out the door then the light of Christ is not strong within us. Honor leads to love and loving each other is the second greatest commandment to live by. Honor separates us from the world. The world throws those who have made mistakes to the curb. They disown them and reject them. The church should not be this way. We are better than this, and Jesus is our leader. Woe unto those who show no honor.

David would not harm King Saul because he was God's anointed. Even though King Saul had became Evil and turned his back on God. David understood that honor would still need to be given. God would handle King Saul's sins. David needed not to sin by dishonoring him. Honor is truly that important! Today is the day to starting honoring those around you. Honor your family. Honor those in leadership over you. Honor your pastor. Honor each other. Help to bring honor back to the Church of the Living God!!!!!!

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