Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Serpent, the Badger, and the Dove

Once there lived a Badger. The Badger was thought of as being worthy, gentle, graceful and a helper to others throughout the forest. He enjoyed being devoted to his creator and to the other animals. Most of his daily tasks consisted of helping fellow animals with their chores. Badger would help Beaver with the carrying of wood for Beaver's new house. Badger would help Skunk with the fumigation of his home due to a misfire. Badger would help the Dove who was the forest's voice for the creator. Dove and Badger were often seen together and working together to help the other animals. Dove was wise and intelligent. He always knew what to say to make the circumstance better. However in recent times Badger and Dove seemed to grow further apart.

There was a serpent who also lived in the forest. The serpent was cunning and quick with his poisonous strikes. He would spend days, sometimes weeks, tracking his prey before his final blow was administered. The serpent hated the creator because of the removal of his legs thousands of years ago. His whole existence was to cause havoc within the forest. His disdain for the creator was carried out on the creation. The serpent hated the Badger because of Badger's servant heart which was expressed daily. The serpent knew that Badger was too big to swallow but not to big to bite. The serpent's bite would cause the average animal to become evil and unresponsive to the Dove's message from the creator. In essence the victim would die from what was right to what was evil.  The serpent set out to bite Badger and turn him from the goodness. He watched Badger every day until he recognized the pattern. The serpent soon discovered that Badger would often walk along the river in the dawn of the day by himself and everyday. This is where the Serpent would strike.

True to his routine, Badger woke up early one morning and started his trek along the beaten path which was next to the river. Badger loved gazing at the river and seeing the reflection of the rising sun in its waters. In the bushes along the path laid a curl up Serpent. His head was reared back and ready to strike. The Serpent did not know that high above the tree tops sat Dove. The Dove also liked flying along the river banks and would often accompany the Badger. Dove saw the Serpent and immediately swooped down to warn Badger. Badger was quickly approaching the bush where evil was about to strike. Dove landed gracefully on the path just a few stones casted ahead of Badger. Dove yelled out to Badger. " Badger my friend, don't step another step further." Badger stopped instantly but with bewilderment" What is wrong Dove?" asked the Badger. " There is something in the bush ahead of you which could hurt your life." the Dover gently said. The Badger knew that the Dove was never wrong and had learn to follow his voice on a daily basis. The bush in question was just a few steps ahead of him and Badger did have a routine to keep. He was almost late from helping Beaver with his house.

Badger decided to ignore Dove and carry on with his routine. Besides he could not see anything wrong with the bush. Badger took his last two steps which moved him in front of the bush. Dove stood on the path ahead with tears welling up in his eyes. Suddenly without hesitation the serpent strikes out from within the bush and lands his fangs of discourse into the backside of Badger. Badger yells with an agonizing voice. His yell echoed throughout the forest. Many of the animals heard the gut-screeching scream and ran towards the river to see what was the commotion.

The serpent released his venom into Badger. Each fang pumped into Badger's system fluid of evil and hate. Badger shook Serpent off and staggered around the path dazed and confused. Dove flew up to Badger but could do nothing for him. The other forest animals made it to the path and circled around Badger as well. Tears falling like rain drops protruding from each animals face. They knew that Badger did not have long. The Serpent slithered away with a smile and disappeared into the dark shadows of the forest. Badger started to lose his sight and control of his body movements. Suddenly he fell onto the path next to the river. All motion ceased and he released his last breathe. Beaver and Skunk took the body of Badger and buried it under the sycamore tree close to the river. Dove shared with all the animals the day's message from the creator and about Badger's demise. Great sadness floated throughout the forest like a morning fog. Dove finished his message flew back up to the tree tops with a grieving heart.

Moral of the story: Don't become complacent in your faith to where you don't listen to Holy Spirit's direction. The enemy is always waiting behind the bush to strike down the next religious Christian. Once the strike is administered it is hard to turn from the evil which comes afterwards. Trust in Holy Spirit and let Him lead you down the right paths.

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