Saturday, April 12, 2014

God for a day

Woke up this morning , shuffled out of the bed, and routinely knelt down into a praying position.  I talked to God some and listened for His still small voice to see if there were directions for the day.  I could not help but allow my mind to wander during this fervent time of prayer. I wondered what it would be like to be God for a day. What would it be like to sit on the throne of God and make decisions which would alter time and space?

Suddenly, I heard the voice of God rumble from the heavens. " I will take you up on your request." Today, you will be me for a day". Immediately I was transported to the throne room of God. Once there, God bestowed unto me His divinity.  All of the sudden. I saw the past, present, and future in one fluid motion. Time was no longer a concept I concerned myself with. I looked around and could see the Throne room, the universe and microscopic organisms on a subatomic level at the same time. The universe seemed smaller and nothing escaped my sight. I saw every human being on the face of the planet. I suddenly knew each one of their names and had intimate understandings of who they were.

Within the throne room there were 24 elders giving me praise and worship which seemed to visibly flow out from their mouths and float like vapors until my being. The worship seemed to penetrate my robe and become an orphasus within. I looked up and saw the angels with six wings flying overhead. They were declaring holiness to the living God which was oddly enough me at the time. God stepped back and allowed me to experience Him.

All of my thoughts seemed to be absolute. There was not any turmoil within me. I had all the  knowledge of the cosmos and multiverses. I had to laugh at myself because what I thought I knew as a human being was overshadowed by my current epiphany of truth. I was more than self-aware. Self-awareness was a product of me.

I stood there next to God and his throne. I was amazed at all of the knowledge and understanding I have obtained. I was humbly aware of how unworthy I was to even to be given this power. As I contemplated my unholiness; I started to hear thousands , if not millions, of voices ringing within my ears. They were whispers at first but turned into an orchestra of voices. Thousands were weeping. Thousands were asking for help or assistance. Thousands were calling on His name and thousands more were simply just worshipping Him. I felt overwhelmed by all the voices and their pain. I wanted to use my power to help each and every person. I started to stretch out my hand as the voices started to increase. With just one thought I could fix it all. With just one thought I could end their pain or heal their diseases.

As my hand began to raise, Jesus came along side me and grabbed my hand.  He slowly motioned it down. I fell into His arms and began to weep. With all my knowledge and power, I understood why I could not help every person which was crying out. The spiritual laws I was willing to break would have had a much greater consequence.

God does not desire our devotion because of the miracles He can do for us. He does not desire blind devotion but objective and sacrificial obedience. One day, He will show mankind His full power, but now is not the time.  One day He will wipe all pain and sorrow away, but now is not the time. One day He will elevate the human condition to greatness and peace, but now is not the time. He wishes for none to perish but to have eternal life with Him. He patiently waits for that day.

Being God for a day was not what I expected. I turned and saw Him weep before my eyes. The raw emotion coming forth was too much to bare. My spirit began to break down as well. God allowed me to see what He sees. As I looked out into the masses, it was not a looking down either, compassion and love swelled up within my eyes. It was uncontainable. I never fully understood the Love of God until I was able to look through His eyes. There is no earthly term or collection of words which give justice to the expression and definition of His love.

I had to end my day as God abruptly. I could not contain myself any longer. It was not easy being the Living God. Even in my current human understanding; I don't fully understand it all. Truly my experience being God for a day with forever change my life.