Sunday, December 8, 2013

Overcoming a Pointless life

I Corinthians 15:58 So, then, brothers and sisters, don’t let anyone move you off the foundation ⌊of your faith⌋. Always excel in the work you do for the Lord. You know that the hard work you do for the Lord is not pointless.

Sometimes there is the feeling of living a pointless life or not having the notice from others of what you actually do for them. Sometimes you feel like you are being taken advantage of and taken for granted. In leadership, it is easy for those who work for you to take you for granted. The sinful nature of man has left many with a self-centered heart. People's mentality is , " Well you get paid for that. or you wanted to lead, or this is part of it." All of these comments come from selfish and ignorant hearts.

Some leaders become overwhelmed with the constant bombardment from the overly self-centered individuals. People who constantly drain life from you and never pour anything back in. I have personally made a vow to free myself from such people. I had an half-uncle who was and probably still is this way. He would constantly drain the spiritual life out and never add any value back in. His self-centered lifestyle prevented him from seeing past himself. The Lord has freed me from his constant tattering of my heart, and I am grateful. You have to let go of the distractions even if it is within your own family. You still love them and pray for them, but you have to move on. 

Sometimes we allow the actions from others to drill deep within our passion causing us to feel like our work as a leader and for God is useless. The drill is allowed to penetrate  our foundation which in return leaves us unstable. Don't let anyone or any circumstance stop you from your security in Christ. Your faith exists outside of the realm of logic. Faith trumps logic and to the logical this proves their theory of God's non-existence. However, if faith lived in the same realm of human logic then Christ would be nothing more than a man-made phenomenon. Since faith lives beyond our human understanding, natural laws and thought become lower level ideas by limited beings. Let nothing stop your faith from growing and from shining brighter than the natural impulses of man.

In American Christianity, our purpose is wrapped up in titles and functions within the Body of Christ. We have told the body of believers that true ministry is one that is paid for or important ministry is one where finances are poured into. Today, there is a wall between paid pastors and missionaries and the average believer. We have even come up with an un-biblical word called " LAY LEADERS or MINISTERS." We have separated the importance of each individual from the ministry which God has called them too. If a pastor wishes to lose their job, he or she feels loss and without purpose. Mostly because their whole identity has been placed in a position versus the reality of Christ. American Missionaries have spread this ungodly truth around the world and leave many leaders in the faith feeling overwhelmed by today's economic troubles.

Your importance is not wrapped around a position or a paid job. Your level of importance is not compared to those who are paid to lead a church or ministry and those who are considered lay leaders. These are all un-biblical truths. Your importance is found and will always be found in the reality of Christ. Your ministry is not your ministry. This ministry, this message comes from the bowels of Christ, and it has been placed within us. It is like a runner passing the baton on to another. Jesus has passed the baton to us but the baton first left His hand. He owns it, and he will be waiting at the finish line when we give it back. 

Your ministry , regardless how great or small, is important. Your calling through Christ is important. It is not pointless. The idea of pointlessness comes from human understanding. Faith trumps the thought of pointlessness. Nothing you do in Christ is pointless unless you do it without faith and excellence. Regardless of peer recognition, regardless of personal reward, we must never fall prey to doubt and pointlessness. Every believer working together to see HIS kingdom come! Every believer using the talents for the advancement of the message is the most important thing. Break off the shackles of human tradition and false implementation! You are set free! You are more than the sum of those who have defined you. They can't define what is undefinable! They can't label you for God has already marked you for His greatness. What you are doing does make a difference! God is the final judge, and He is proud of you. Keep pressing forward in this truth!
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