Sunday, September 29, 2013


Ezekiel 12:1-11  The LORD spoke his word to me. He said,  (2)  "Son of man, you are living among rebellious people. They have eyes, but they can't see. They have ears, but they can't hear because they are rebellious people.  (3)  "Son of man, pack your bags as if you were going into exile. Let the people see you leave in the daylight. March like a captive from your place to another place as they watch. Maybe they will understand, even though they are rebellious people.  (4)  Let them see you in the daylight. Bring out your bags as if you were going into exile. In the evening let them see you leave like a captive going into exile.  (5)  Dig a hole through the wall of your house, and leave through it.  (6)  Let them see you put your bags on your shoulders and carry them out in the dark. Cover your face so that you won't see the land. I've made you a sign to warn the nation of Israel."  (7)  I did what I was ordered to do. During the day I brought out bags as if I were going into exile. In the evening I dug a hole through the wall. I brought out my bags in the dark. I let the people see me as I carried my bags on my shoulders.  (8)  The next morning the LORD spoke his word to me. He said,  (9)  "Son of man, didn't the rebellious nation of Israel ask you what you were doing?  (10)  "Tell them, 'This is what the Almighty LORD says: This is the divine revelation about the prince from Jerusalem and about all the people of Israel who live there.'  (11)  "Tell them, 'I am your warning sign. What I have done will happen to you. You will go into exile and into captivity.

A word to rebellious people:

You have ears but don't listen to the voice of God which is loud and clear within your spirit. You have eyes but you refuse to see the love and mercy that He so lovingly desires to give you. It is time to repent and flee from youthful lusts and desires. It is time to pull away from the table of pleasure and self-indulgence. The Lord is calling you out from the cesspool of familiarity. You know the Captor comes to steal you away from the reality of God's love yet you refuse to fight back. You pack your bags and gather your trinkets which are instigators of your sin. You carry the load on your back instead of feeling the release from the Lord. You dig through the clay brick of holiness and escape from the righteousness. You throw yourself into the arms of the enemy. This enemy which comes to take you away from the truth. This enemy which robs you from the promises God has given.  You see the demonstration of the Lord. He longs for you to be free from the exile you are in. He is calling to your heart. He speaks and sings over you. He weeps and mourns for you. His spirit searches for your soul which has entered into the abyss of hopelessness. What will you do? Will you return? Will you call on his name again? You don't have to be in exile. You don't have to fall prey to the enemy's lies. You can be free. You can be changed. The Lord who owns the Universe is yelling to your spirit right now. The yell which shakes the mountains and splits the seas. Can you hear it? Can you see the mighty wave coming? Don't flee from God's love. Stay and stand firm. Don't budge from your spot. Keep your ground and the Lord will reward you. His purpose will purpose you. His destiny is destine to move you. It is time to return from the EXILE you are in.
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