Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Unrighteous agenda in America


 We have heard about it from other places around the world. Even so, many Christians in other nations have it worse than we do in America. However, there is an unrighteous agenda in America. It is being led by those who align themselves with liberal views.

These are the people who have fought to take prayer out of school, legalize abortion, promote the gay marriage agenda, get " In God We Trust" off our money, and many more communistic view points. They are the ones making strict legalistic rules and regulations all in the name of their self imposed agenda. Unfortunately, as the laws of the land change; the persecution of the saints increases. As our nation becomes more like Europe, Russia, China, and other Socialistic and communistic nations; the believers become more under scrutiny.

Now don't get me wrong. In America, corrupt pastors, leaders, and Christians in general have left many in our nation with a bad taste in their mouths. Just like not all Atheist are self indulged douche bags like Richard Dawkins neither are all Christians like the ones who have done evil things in the public eye. Unfortunately, the public in general chooses to put all Christians under one Crazy nut job umbrella. I believe Jesus warned us that this would happen, and it has been happening for centuries. In America, we have seen our fair share but nothing to the degree of the Chinese and Sudanese Christians. However, I believe that the American Christian will see an increase of persecution in different forms and ways.

Jesus said it would happen , so we should not be surprised.

Matthew 24:3-13  As Jesus was sitting on the Mount of Olives, his disciples came to him privately and said, "Tell us, when will this happen? What will be the sign that you are coming again, and when will the world come to an end?"  (4)  Jesus answered them, "Be careful not to let anyone deceive you.  (5)  Many will come using my name. They will say, 'I am the Messiah,' and they will deceive many people.  (6)  "You will hear of wars and rumors of wars. Don't be alarmed! These things must happen, but they don't mean that the end has come.  (7)  Nation will fight against nation and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places.  (8)  All of these are only the beginning pains of the end.  (9)  "Then they will hand you over to those who will torture and kill you. All nations will hate you because you are committed to me.  (10)  Then many will lose faith. They will betray and hate each other.  (11)  Many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.  (12)  And because there will be more and more lawlessness, most people's love will grow cold.  (13)  But the person who endures to the end will be saved.

There are some pretty detailed truths in this passage of Scripture that we can see is happening today in our world.

Sign of His return:

1. Many will come and deceive the world and the believers. We see this deception today. All on American Christian Television, we see many TV preachers deceiving the Body of Christ causing the American believer to be lazy in their faith. Hey if you can pay $20.00 a month to support a ministry to spread the message of God for you; why would you have to get your hands dirty? Truth be known, these ministries are getting rich at the expense of the ignorant American Believer. Many Americans foolishly follow the political candidate who can promise them convenience and all the while take away their freedoms.
2.There will be wars and rumors of wars.  There are over 40 current wars and skirmishes around the world today. Over half of those are in countries where Islam is the number one religion. We live in a volatile world. A new war can pop up at any time. Who knows maybe one day Canada might get mad at us  and declare war. We would call it the great Canadian Bacon war or the Cold War. ( You get it? I crack me up.)

3. We will be hated, tortured, and killed for knowing Jesus. This is happening already in many nations around the world. Most of the horrendous actions done against Christians are in Islamic Nations and Communists countries like China and North Korea. We are seeing persecution of the Saints in America as well. Most of the persecution is performed in the court system and through governmental laws. I know a pastor who was just recently arrested for a lewd act in the public. Supposedly some lady thought she saw him perform a vile act in public and turned him into the police. The police refused to believe the Pastor's true account of the matter, and this pastor is fighting for his life in the court system. I believe if the situation was between two non believers it would not make it to the court system. I believe the Detectives involved and the prosecutors are trying to make an example of this pastor. They want to make their career by sentencing a Christian leader to the slammer. They made the local news stations aware and by- passed his American Rights. His fifth Amendment rights were thrown out the window once the police and the prosecution shared bias information about the case with the local media. It is vile and corrupt but this is the world we live in. These individuals are puppets for Satan's desires and don't even know it. Jesus warned us that this would happen. The Liberal court systems and Liberals in general are out to get equal rights for every group except the Christian. Christians hinder their agenda of immorality and proposed life style without God. It will not get better but worse. Christians all around the world will see the evil against them rise. Not because of the believer but due to the Christ in the believer.
4. Many will lose faith and betray each other.  I have personally seen this happen many times. The going gets tough and the spiritually immature get going. They keep going and going and going until their history of faith has been erased like a chalk drawing on a chalk board. I have personally felt the bite of betrayal as well. People who were once  your best friends have now left you high and dry. Some are deceived by someone else because they can't think for themselves or have any discerning of spirits. This Christian on Christian Crime has to stop. We have to stand in unity. However, MANY who confess Christ today will deny Him tomorrow because of their shallow faith. There are a lot of minnow Christians. Minnows are little fish that stay close to the shallow end of the creek or pond.
5. Lawlessness will increase and the state of Anarchy will spread. In American, the motto is "if it feels good to me then it must be right" is spreading like wild fire. This is why many will leave the faith and rush to their own lustful desires. We live in a feel good society and Christians will become the targets from those who desire to keep their lawlessness.  Read this link:

The Unrighteous life leads to destruction and soon will many see this truth. Christ is returning and all will see His glory regardless if they believe in Him or not. What can the Christians in America do? We need to stand fast to our faith. We need accept the seasons of persecution and fight back when warranted. We need to not lose hope but embody hope within our day to day lives. We need to kick unrighteous behavior out of our lives and live like there is no tomorrow. We need to seek the face of God on a daily basis and stand up for His truth. The American unrighteousness is rising but so can the righteousness of God through us.
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