Saturday, June 29, 2013

Poetic Dancing with the Lord


Not ready to leave
Not ready to go
The journey is not over
The journey has just begun
Time is but a vapor
Essence is but a particle of time
Fear is the entrapment of the mind
Doubt is the executioner of faith
Life is but a passing
Death is the graduation to something more
Eternal life is beyond magical
Life in Christ is whimsical
Hope is the marrow to the bones
Peace is the companion to the faint
Love is the answer from the Divine
Where there is uncertainty
Where there is discord
Where achievement has traded places with defeat
There is someone greater than it all
There is someone stronger than the collapsing ceiling
There is someone who has conquered the summit of life
His name is beyond earthly articulation
Only the divinely touched can whisper is name
Hear the voice of a thousand thunders softly call out to His love
Only the loved can answer the Lover
Only the altered can become transparent
Regardless of the burden
Regardless of life's limitations
There will always without doubt be Jesus

2 Samuel 6:14-15  Wearing a linen ephod, David danced in the LORD'S presence with all his might.  (15)  He and the entire nation of Israel brought the ark of the LORD with shouts of joy and the sounding of rams' horns.
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