Sunday, June 30, 2013

Chisel at my heart

 Psalms 17:2-5  Let the verdict of my innocence come directly from you. Let your eyes observe what is fair.  (3)  You have probed my heart. You have confronted me at night. You have tested me like silver, but you found nothing wrong. I have determined that my mouth will not sin.  (4)  I have avoided cruelty because of your word. In spite of what others have done,  (5)  my steps have remained firmly in your paths. My feet have not slipped.

A sculptor of stone uses a hammer and chisel to create a master piece. He first creates a model to go off of and uses that model to make his work of art. The sculptor will slowly work at different areas of the stone and chisel away the bulk that will not be part of the finished work. It is a process and takes hours upon hours of hard intense work.

David understood this process in regards to his relationship with the Lord. He asked the Lord to probe his heart and see if anything was  unclean within it. He asked the Lord to confront him with His holiness and allow His light to reveal anything unworthy.  The Lord desires to chisel away in us the things which hold us back from experiencing His fullness of love. He desires to create a masterpiece in each one of us. Jesus is the model He is going off of, and He will not quit until we look just like Him. The question is will we allow the divine sculptor to do His masterful work?

Ask the Lord to chisel away at your heart. Chisel away your fear, your uncertainty, your doubts, your lusts, your selfishness, your lack of self-control, your religiousness, your un-forgiveness, and whatever else is hard for you to let go. You see it is the part of the stone which cannot be a part of the finished masterpiece. It has to go.

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