Sunday, September 30, 2012

Find Fault in Me!

2 Corinthians 6:3-13  We don't give people any opportunity to find fault with how we serve.  (4)  Instead, our lives demonstrate that we are God's servants. We have endured many things: suffering, distress, anxiety,  (5)  beatings, imprisonments, riots, hard work, sleepless nights, and lack of food.  (6)  People can see our purity, knowledge, patience, kindness, the Holy Spirit's presence in our lives, our sincere love,  (7)  truthfulness, and the presence of God's power. We demonstrate that we are God's servants  (8)  as we are praised and dishonored, as we are slandered and honored, and as we use what is right to attack what is wrong and to defend the truth. We are treated as dishonest although we are honest,  (9)  as unknown although we are well-known, as dying although, as you see, we go on living. We are punished, but we are not killed.  (10)  People think we are sad although we're always glad, that we're beggars although we make many people spiritually rich, that we have nothing although we possess everything.  (11)  We have been very open in speaking to you Corinthians. We have a place for you in our hearts.  (12)  We haven't cut you off. Your own emotions have cut you off from us.  (13)  I'm talking to you as I would talk to children. Treat us the same way we've treated you. Make a place for us in your hearts too.

Paul, the apostle of Jesus Christ, was demonstrating to the Corinthian Christians his godly character. He gave them a list of proofs to come against the fault finders towards his ministry. He basically said, " Go ahead, find fault in me!" You will not find much to shake a stick at."  Our character, as believers, should be the same. People are always going to try and find fault in you but they pretty much will have to make it up if you have godly character. I am not saying we are all perfect or with out any faults. I am saying that we should make it hard for others to find our faults. Our Character should be iron clad no matter what.

Paul's list of character traits and character examples is astounding.

  1.  Became God's Servants ( First key to having great character of God. Give yourself completely to Him.)
  2. Enduring much for the gospel. ( People with horrible or no character in God run away at the first sign of danger or ridicule.)
  3. Demonstration of purity ( Living a holy and uncompromising life is crucial to stopping people from finding fault in you.)
  4. Godly knowledge ( Knowledge of God's word comes through hours of study and sacrifice. Preaching his word is useless unless you have experienced it.)
  5. Patience ( Have you ever met a minister who could preach but didn't have the patience with any body. Bad character flaw)
  6. Kindness ( This is good one. Some Christian act holy at church but are Diva's to the rest of the world. They think the world owes them everything.)
  7. Holy Spirit's anointing ( People should see God's hand upon your life not because you said so.)
  8. Godly love ( Without His love we are just phony people pretending to be something we are not.)
  9. Truthfulness in God's message and in life ( Always and mean always tell the truth and speak the truth of His word even when it is not popular.)
  10. Power of God residing ( It is hard to find fault with someone when the power of God is evident on their lives.)
  11. Enduring ridicule and false accusations with poise. ( How you handle ridicule and accusations speaks a lot about your character.)
  12. Surrendering all for the people of God. ( Regardless if the people of God are mean to you or not never stop loving them and surrendering your life for them.)
The world desires to find fault in us, because it makes their sin more comfortable. We just have to make it hard for them to do so.  Character is a growing trait we must all have. We are commissioned to be more like Jesus. As we become more like Jesus then we could honestly say " Find fault in me."

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