Sunday, June 17, 2012


Brokenness:The stripping away of human desire one piece at a time by Holy Spirit allowing circumstances to work within us. It is the falling to pieces of one's self in order to see change within. It means reaching the limit of self-preservation and bringing all your broken pieces to the throne of God.

Have you ever been broken before the Lord? Have you ever endured something so painful and so hurtful that your whole body shuts down? We all have experience similar pain. God allows our brokenness in hopes we come running to Him for resolve. Many believers today have come to Christ once he or she hit rock bottom in their lives. It  is shameful that many have to wait so long to turn to the Lord, but there is something we can learn from the broken spirit. In fact, why does being broken before the Lord have to stop at salvation. I believe it is valueable to live a life of a broken spirit before the Lord.

One could do a word search in scripture and come up with scriptures which lead us to the power and need of a broken spirit.

 Psalm_31:12  I have faded from memory as if I were dead and have become like a piece of broken pottery.
Psalm_51:17  The sacrifice pleasing to God is a broken spirit. O God, you do not despise a broken and sorrowful heart

Psalm_69:20  Insults have broken my heart, and I am sick. I looked for sympathy, but there was none. I looked for people to comfort me, but I found no one.
Proverbs_18:14  A person's spirit can endure sickness, but who can bear a broken spirit?

David was no stranger to be broken before the Lord. Some of the situations which happened in his life was caused by his own foolishness ,and some were brought about by the evil of men. Nonetheless, God used each situation to bring David closer to him. King David realized that a broken and contrite heart God would not despise.  God is our heavenly Father and loves to fix our pains. He knows we temporary live in a world filled with sin and hurt. He understands the temptations are getting stronger and many are falling by the way side. He is stern against our sin, but He still stands before us asking. " Come to me those who are heavy laden and I will give you rest." Come to Him those who are broken and at their limit. Are you at your limit? At your limit with an circumstance? At your limit with your reoccurring sin? Those who are broken and endure to the end will reap the prize. Those who grief over their sin regardless of type will have the Father's blessing stored within them.

Jesus gives us a parable about brokenness and how it should be a part of Christian life.

Matthew 21:42-46  Jesus asked them, "Have you never read in the Scriptures: 'The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone. The Lord is responsible for this, and it is amazing for us to see'?  (43)  That is why I can guarantee that the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people who will produce what God wants.  (44)  Anyone who falls on this stone will be broken. If the stone falls on anyone, it will crush that person."  (45)  When the chief priests and the Pharisees heard his illustrations, they knew that he was talking about them.  (46)  They wanted to arrest him but were afraid of the crowds, who thought he was a prophet.

The religion of the Pharisees had become self-centered and ritualistic. Many made up their own rules and corrupted the straight forward teachings of God's word. Do you think that is going on today? The Pharisical spirit is in our midst today and growing in an alarming rate. Many are turning to corrupt or distorted teachings. Jesus gave a difference in righteous believers and those who think they follow the path of the Living God. Those who follow Christ live their lives falling on the stone for brokenness. Those who refuse to see their own corruption will be crush beneath the stone by its power. The moment I stop feeling remorse or conviction over my sin is the moment you stick a fork into me for I am done. I have reached the height of my hypocrisy. The same goes for you. I hate my sin. I hate my wrong before the Lord not because I am afraid of going to hell. I hate it because I have hurt my Father. I have let Him down. I have trespass against His perfect plan for me. I know when I fail my God still loves me. I know He still desires to use me for His glory but He is disappointed. He desires the best for me. He desires the best for you. He wants better for us.

When you and I stand broken before the Lord; we don't have time to look at someone else sin. We don't have the concern whether others are following the same path. All eyes, all hearts, are on the one true God. We have reached our limit of self-absorption. Our knees have fallen , our hands have raised, our body has bent over, our face is plastered to the ground, and tears stream down our face. We are broken. We can't go any further in our present state. My brokenness allows me to see the great love and wrath of my God. My brokenness keeps me grounded and humbled. I cry and wail until there is nothing more inside of me. Until all of me is emptied out before the Lord. This is the life of brokenness. This is the remorse of sin and the hurting of our loving Father. My brokenness draws be closer to His heart. It separates my religion from the true substance of Christian Living. Ladies and gentlemen, our brokenness should happen ever time sin has entrapped us. It should happen every time circumstances have overwhelmed our strength and reliance on Him. We are called to a life of brokenness. Now I know some would say that , " Jesus took all of that on the cross." Well He did and HE IS THE FINISHED work of God, but I am not the FINISHED work of Christ yet. We have not arrived to our destination yet. We still have a ways to go. When Jesus said " IT IS FINISHED." He set into motion the purpose and plan of God for mankind. He brought redemption or a way out for all who believe. The Bridge was finished! The salvation for mankind was finished! A way out for all was finished! The clear Path was Finished! But we are still on the journey. We are still living in a world of sin and corruption is still growing.  My salvation will be complete when I stand before the Lord and throw my Crowns at His feet.  Until then Jesus says to endure until the end. Loved ones, stay broken! Stay at His feet crying out before Him! Don't let the hurts of this world hold you back from His great glory!

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