Saturday, March 10, 2012


Matthew 5:6  Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for God's approval. They will be satisfied.

The human flesh hungers even when it is satisfied; it is never satisfied for long. It has to have more food to be sustained. There is a spiritual hunger everyone should have, and it can only be sustained by our relationship with Jesus Christ.

There was a man who had an uncontrollable hunger. He would try all kind of foods to satisfy his inner desire. He would travel all around the world and eat dishes in hopes this hunger would subside. He ate bobotie in South Africa , and his hunger increased the more. He ate cassoulet from France and his stomach ached with pain. He ate dim sum while standing on the Great Wall of China. His hunger still doubled him over and brought him to his knees. While trekking through the ruins of Athens; he tried moussaka in hopes the hunger would be no more. His urge for food would not stop. While in Greece, he heard of an ancient place which had the most remarkable food. Food which could quit possibly stop his uncontrollable hunger. He had to get to this place. His passion for discovery overshadowed his hunger for the moment. Where does this place exist? How could he get there? Who would know the way? A stranger suggested he would find answers in a land called the Promise. ( Israel)  He traveled to Israel in hopes of unraveling the secrets to the hidden destination. While walking along the old Roman Road, a mysterious man appears before him. He had an angelic appearance and talked with a soft voice. He was encouraging and seemed eager to help the man bound to hunger. They walked until a cave with an opening was in sight. The mysterious man led the traveller into the entrance. The question was asked with passion and gentleness. " Do you want your hunger to go away?" The ailing man shouted with pain from his abdomen, " YES!". Instantly the cave was filled with blinding light. The Mysterious man illuminated and appeared to shed the fleshy shell. Immediately the hungry man was transported to a place called Gan Eden. It was the most beautiful place he had ever seen. The trees were filled with unimaginable fruit. The grass seemed to tickle his toes as he walked forward. The breeze would fill his lungs with a sweet taste of nectar. The illuminated man and the hungry man kept walking forward until they came to a table centered in the middle of Gan Eden. On the table was a food too holy to describe. It shined with a pure excellence. Its color seemed to bend to the brilliance of the light. The illuminated man asked a question again. " Do you want your hunger to go away?" The hungry man fell to his knees and cried with a broken heart. " Yes, oh Yes!" Then take the food on the table and eat." declared the illuminated man. The hungry man reached for the food on the table. His arm and hand trembled in fear and excitement. He touched the food and a power surged through his entire body. He slowly brought the food to his lips. His mouth opened with anticipation. His stomach shook with desire. He bit into the food and began to chew with eagerness. He swallowed the first bite and his head snapped back and his hands went to the side. Flashes of time and history rushed through his mind like a movie on fast forward. The taste was out of this world. The chewed food flowed quickly down to the place of his pain. It splashed into the pool of eruption and calmed the creature of which controlled the hungry man for so long. He was changed! The Hunger pains left! He was cured not by earthly food but  by food which was beyond the world he knew. He was changed by the touch from the illuminated man and his life would never be the same. Within an instant, the man who hungered no more was transported back to the cave. He exited the cave with joy and feeling of newness. His hunger was delivered not because of the special food within itself. He had sought for freedom and trusted that the mysterious man had all the answers. His hunger was no more because he surrendered all to have the right kind of food.

What are we searching for? What we seek is not of this world. Only those who hunger can search for something more.

Proverbs16:26  A laborer's appetite works to his advantage, because his hunger drives him on.

Only the hungry can be filled with THE FOOD beyond our wildest imaginations. THE FOOD cures us. It transforms us. It draws us deeper to the one who gives it. It leaves us changed and never the same. The hunger is the source which strengthens the journey. Hunger and thirst for Him and you will be filled.
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