Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Journey

Today, as we were driving back home, our vehicle was stopped on the road waiting for the signal light to turn green. My two girls were talking with their mother who was sitting comfortably in the passenger side seat. I sat firmly in the driver's seat tapping sporadically on the wheel.  I am a person who likes to watch things or observe life. I am always looking around maybe because I don't want to miss a moment in each day's mystery. To the right of me my eye caught a glimpse of a young couple. They were on the second story of a Crate Barrel ( a furniture store) sitting on one of the display couches. The young man sat next to his female admirer with his arms extended out on the back ridge of the couch. The young lady was nicely notched underneath her companion's right arm. They both were gazing out of the huge landscaped window and watching  life which existed outside. The young man stands up and slowly walks away with a romantic strut ; he was waiting for his female admirer. She stands up immediately and rushes to his side. She softly places her arms around his ,and they both walk away together.

Call me crazy but I can't help but notice these simple nuances of life. I don't want to wait until I am dying to notice the whimsical fluttering of humanity's interactions. Life is too precious. Sometimes we are so busy to notice the simple things. You can learn alot by looking out your car's window while driving to your destination. You see we are always on a destination and unfortunately we most spend most of our life focusing on the destination. We forget about simply enjoying the journey to the destination. As believers we have a destination. One day we will spend eternity with our Lord. One day we will forever be within His arms and worshiping Him at His throne. Until that day comes we can't forget the joy of the journey. Living in this world for Jesus is amazing! Nothing could ever compare to knowing him and being known by him!

Acts 1:6-12  So when the apostles came together, they asked him, "Lord, is this the time when you're going to restore the kingdom to Israel?"  (7)  Jesus told them, "You don't need to know about times or periods that the Father has determined by his own authority.  (8)  But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes to you. Then you will be my witnesses to testify about me in Jerusalem, throughout Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth."  (9)  After he had said this, he was taken to heaven. A cloud hid him so that they could no longer see him.  (10)  They were staring into the sky as he departed. Suddenly, two men in white clothes stood near them.  (11)  They asked, "Why are you men from Galilee standing here looking at the sky? Jesus, who was taken from you to heaven, will come back in the same way that you saw him go to heaven."  (12)  Then they returned to Jerusalem from the mountain called the Mount of Olives. It is near Jerusalem, about half a mile away.

After Jesus rose again and was getting ready to return to the Father, the disciples were focused on the destination. All they could see was the coming of Christ to planet earth to set up his kingdom. Jesus had to put their focus back on track. He told them to wait for Holy Spirit to come. As He ascended into the heavens two angels appeared to remind the disciples to keep looking to the destination but to also focus on the journey until they have crossed the finished line. The best was yet to come! The destination is not worth it unless the journey has been walked out. We can't appreciate the end result until we have fought to get there. In His vast wisdom, Jesus gave the disciples something so precious and so epic. He , like a captain boarding his new ship, commissioned his disciples for the journey. A journey which would far exceed what each one did in their previous life. You see as we walk through this life with Jesus greater things begin to happen. When we are in Jesus our life's journey gets better. A fisherman fishes better. A house wife takes care of the house better. A carpenter builds better. A business man makes transactions better. The Journey is better through Jesus.

There are experiences that we have not discovered yet. The Lord in all of His infinite wisdom has a greater purpose for us. He has already seen the journey play out in our lives. He knows the outcome because you see. He is standing at the beginning of our Journey. He is standing and walking with us through the journey ,and he is standing at the destination right now. He is the alpha and Omega. The beginning and ending. He is the Journey and the Destination.

Don't forget to enjoy life! Don't lose site of the journey by focusing too much on the destination. Creation is waiting for you and I to rise up. It is waiting for the Body of Christ to be the shining light to a darken world. We were meant for so much more. We simply have to be willing to step into the more.

Where are you at on your Journey? What are you doing with your life in Christ? What is your main focus?


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