Sunday, December 18, 2011

From the Father's Heart

Joel 2:11-16  The LORD shouts out orders to his army. His forces are very large. The troops that carry out his commands are mighty. The day of the LORD is extremely terrifying. Who can endure it?  (12)  "But even now," declares the LORD, "return to me with all your heart- with fasting, crying, and mourning."  (13)  Tear your hearts, not your clothes. Return to the LORD your God. He is merciful and compassionate, patient, and always ready to forgive and to change his plans about disaster.  (14)  Who knows? He may reconsider and change his plan and leave a blessing for you. Then you could give grain offerings and wine offerings to the LORD your God.  (15)  Blow the ram's horn in Zion. Schedule a time to fast. Call for an assembly.  (16)  Gather the people. Prepare them for a holy meeting. Assemble the leaders. Gather the children, even the nursing infants. Grooms leave their rooms. Brides leave their chambers.

He who sits on His glorious throne is crying out to the people of this volatile planet to repent and to be humbled. The Great God sees the damage of sin past, present, and future. He sees how sin strips away a person's humanity. It causes them to become like vicious animals. The Living God is calling us all to come and surrender all to Him. He who has a vast army can conquer any controlling sin and over throw any demanding nature.You resist Him because you believe it is within your nature to do so. In fact you are resisting the nature you are supposed to be. We are finite creatures worshiping an infinite God. The Day of the Lord is a day unlike any other. It is a space of time defined by a moment. We are called to return to Him with a heart of Fasting, Crying, and mourning. Fasting from all things so our devotion is completely on Him. Crying because of the depth of our sin is so great. Mourning with a heart of true repentance showing our deepest sorrow for hurting the living God. Hear the cry of the Lord. Tear your hearts not your clothes. Repent for the Lord is crying out for His people. Cry aloud until the wailing reaches the ears of the almighty. Who is like Him? Who could compare to His matchless worth? Who could out wit the wisdom of the Creator? He is full of compassion and forgiveness and waits patiently for those who desire His heart. He is waiting for His people to change His heart accordingly to His will. It is time for five things to happen.

1. Blow the Ram's Horn In Zion ( The blowing of the Shofar was used for several purposes. a. A call for a gathering of worship. b. To usher in the presence of God. c. To make a proclamation. d. Sounding of alarm with war.) There is a Shofar blowing in the distance. The Call of the Lord is running deep within us. Will we heed His call for assembly?
2. Schedule a time to Fast ( Fasting separates you from worldly matters and opens you up to the realm of God. It is vital in this hour and days ahead that His people seek Him more through prayer and fasting. )
3. Call for an assembly ( He is calling for our assembly. The Unity of the saints is so vital for the days ahead. We have to learn to stick together when the world comes to separate us.)
4. Gather the People ( When the Saints Gather super natural things begin to happen.)
5. Prepare them for a Holy meeting ( Holy Spirit will come in power for those who desire to seek the Living God. )

Prepare the way of the Lord. He is returning in all of His greatness. Never stop watching for the redemption of promise and hold on to His message. He will make the hard things to understand and bring revelation to the open heart. The Shofar is being blown in the heavens now. It is for a calling to His people.

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