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Lessons In Leadership Part 9 " Establishing"

When God gives you a leadership role in his kingdom, you have to build and establish something that is from His heart. It is not always easy. The key to establishing the work of the Lord is keep yourself grounded and humbled before the Lord. You CAN'T ever forget whose work you are building. Many leaders in the kingdom of God have forgotten about God's kingdom and have started to build their own.  I am almost 40 years old. I have done hundreds of things for the Lord but all of those things mean nothing if my Lord is not in the center of it all. The Living God has taken me to many places around the world because of His grace and for the advancement of His kingdom. It all belongs to Him. A good leader wants to see his company succeed regardless if he or she gets credit or not. It is the same for the kingdom of God. We want to see His Kingdom advanced on the face of the planet regardless if people see us at all. He must be high and lifted up!

I came across this below list on Perry Noble's blog. I liked it allot and wanted to share it.  I do not personally know Pastor Noble but I follow and read  his blog. When we are trying to establish something for God's Kingdom; we must keep our leadership in the right perspective.

12 Things A Leader Simply CANNOT Do! by Perry Noble

#1 – You Cannot Make Everyone Happy (Jesus didn’t…it wasn’t His goal, seeGalatians 1:10)
#2 – You Cannot Think That You Can Argue/Defend Yourself All Of The Time (Especially on the internet, arguing on the internet is like taking a pee into the wind, it feels good at first but always ends up in a mess!)
#3 – You Cannot Ignore A Problem & Believe By Doing So It Will Go Away.
#4 – You Cannot Just Pray A Problem Away (David had to walk down into the valley and whip Goliath’s rear-end!)
#5 – You Cannot Fall In Love With The Way Things Are (if you do then the word “change” will become a bad word!)
#6 – You Cannot Compromise Your Integrity–EVER!
#7 – You Cannot Believe That You Always Have The Best Ideas And The People You Are Working With Would Not Be Able To Function Without You.
#8 – You Cannot Hold Back From Speaking The Truth In Love Because It May Hurt Someone’s Feelings.
#9 – You Cannot Stop Learning, Growing & Developing.
#10 – You Cannot Be Good At Everything…Stop Trying!
#11 – You Cannot Be Fair (Jesus wasn’t, He had a group of 70, out of them He had a group of 12, out of that group He had three that He spent the most time with and out of that group the Bible says that there was one who He loved.  Hmmm…looks like “fairness” wasn’t one of His core values!)
#12 – You Cannot Lead Through Manipulation & Intimidation And Expect To Have Long Term Impact And Significance
When we are establishing the work of the Lord in the area or region he has called us too we can't allow our leadership to fall by the wayside. Being a leader is not always easy. Some of the people  you lead are like children.  Immature Christians can literally hinder the establishing process of God's kingdom. They can hinder the vision God has called you too. It is important we stand up for righteousness.  Immature Christians can cause division within the Body. Jesus said a kingdom divided against itself can not stand.
Matthew 12:25  And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand: 
We are called to establish HIS work or to build HIS work.  What are we doing in the area we are called to? Are we building His work or our own? Are we leaving behind a legacy for His kingdom or for our own personal kingdoms? Establishing His work is so vital.  Paul the apostle was all about establishing and building God's kingdom in every area he was sent to. He took 4 great missionary trips and saw the Hand of God move upon the people of each city.  He never forgot who the WORK belongs too.
1 Corinthians 3:9-15  We are God's coworkers. You are God's field. You are God's building.  (10)  As a skilled and experienced builder, I used the gift that God gave me to lay the foundation for that building. However, someone else is building on it. Each person must be careful how he builds on it.  (11)  After all, no one can lay any other foundation than the one that is already laid, and that foundation is Jesus Christ.  (12)  People may build on this foundation with gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, or straw.  (13)  The day will make what each one does clearly visible because fire will reveal it. That fire will determine what kind of work each person has done.  (14)  If what a person has built survives, he will receive a reward.  (15)  If his work is burned up, he will suffer the loss. However, he will be saved, though it will be like going through a fire.

So how do we establish the Kingdom of God in our area or region.  Below are some simple thoughts.

1.  Never forget that the Kingdom of God belongs to GOD!
2.  You are a Co- worker not a co-owner.
3.  Be careful on how you build and be mindful of what materials you use. 
4.  Never forget that we work with other workers.
5.  Don't allow the immature hinder the work of God. Guard his work with your life.
6.  Lay down a foundation that lasts even after you are gone.
7.  Allow the work to go through God's fire at times. The Firing process keeps the work going in the right direction and allows the Living God to stay the owner. 
8. Don't get caught up in the many distractions. Keep pressing for the mark until you are finished with the Work He has called you too. 

2 Timothy 4:6-8  My life is coming to an end, and it is now time for me to be poured out as a sacrifice to God.  (7)  I have fought the good fight. I have completed the race. I have kept the faith.  (8)  The prize that shows I have God's approval is now waiting for me. The Lord, who is a fair judge, will give me that prize on that day. He will give it not only to me but also to everyone who is eagerly waiting for him to come again.

We have a greater prize awaiting us if we ensure that God's Kingdom is being established in the right way.  We must run after God's approval not man's. We must eagerly wait for his return at all times. Oh what a glorious time we live in!!! We get to be used mightily by our Lord and King. We get to establish or build his kingdom in the places we are called to. We get to see people come to Christ and grow in Him. Oh what a glorious time in deed!!!!! Build the work of the Lord brothers and sisters in the faith!!! Don't let the distractions of life stop you from serving our glorious King!!! Stay humbled in his presence and never forget why we do what we do. It is all for Him and all for His glory. 

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