Monday, October 10, 2011

Lessons in Leadership Part 5 " Trust"

Luke 2:51-52  Then he returned with them to Nazareth and was obedient to them. His mother treasured all these things in her heart.  (52)  Jesus grew in wisdom and maturity. He gained favor from God and people.

Trust simply means confidence. When trust is in a person or persons ; it means you have confidence in his or hers abilities and integrity. What is the opposite of trust? You guessed it! It is suspicion. When you don't have trust in someone; you doubt their abilities and integrity.  The trust that is built must come from a track record of committed tasks presented to those you are in relationship with. Trust without results will never stand on its on. The results we produce as leaders helps those who follow us trust our decisions and actions we take for the gospel.

Jesus built trust with his parents and those he lived with. The bible says he grew in wisdom and maturity. He gained favor or trust from the living God and people. People knew that Jesus was dependable, friendly, and able to get the job done. He was a carpenter and a craftsman. Jesus had valued customers because of the trust he built with them. When he was given jobs to do; he was faithful to finish them in a timely manner and do each request with a heart of excellence.

Trust is so important as leaders. We need it with those we build relationship with and we need it for those we raise up to be leaders underneath our direction.

" Few things can help an individual more than to place responsibility on him, and to let him know that you trust him."  ---Booker T. Washington.

" Leadership is getting results in a way that inspires trust. It's maximizing both your current contribution and your ability to contribute in the future by establishing the trust that makes it possible."  --- Stephen Covey

Many people who seek the chair of leadership want people to follow them without building the trust first. People only follow those they can trust. Now some of that trust is based off of the title from a position and some of it is based off of the fruit. True leaders have a track record which validates who they set out to be. Jesus had followers because he produced results; he did not just rely on words. Any one can stand behind a pulpit and mumble off words. Even a monkey can do that. Trust me I have seen some monkeys behind the pulpit. I  have ministered to some people who simply wanted the position without the sacrifice. I would tell folks that preaching a message behind a pulpit is one part knowing the word of God and one part having the experiences to go with the message. The word of God is so powerful because every word is validated by the power of Holy Spirit.

Steps to take in building trust:

1. Be honest: Be honest with the people you lead. Talk straight and tell them how you feel.
2.  Give Respect and get respect. If you give respect to the people you lead then you will earn it back.
3. Be real:  If you are going to build trust the people have to see the real you. Don't be afraid to let your hair down.
4. Fix the wrongs: Don't be afraid to say you are sorry when you have done something wrong. It takes a good leader to admit mistakes and not blame others. A senior leader will take ownership of a mistake even if it was not his mistake. There is an old saying. A leaders gives credit to his teams success and takes credit for his teams mistakes.
5.  Produce:  The people you lead need to see results. They need to see God use you in a mighty way which mean your faith has to always be built and your humility has to always be in check.
6. Loyalty: People will give loyalty back to their leader when they see how loyal you are to them.

In any ministry and in any business there has to be trust. Trust can produce greater results in the long run. When we trust each other; God's kingdom is advance exponentially.

Give trust a try and see your ministry and life changed.



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