Thursday, September 8, 2011

Planes, Trains, and Ramblings

I don't have a fancy scripture to start off with or a super spiritual saying that up lifts the heart of the reader. I am just in a rambling mode. For those who read this from other countries, I ask you to forgive me. This post will probably not make sense to you or maybe it will. We Americans love our ramblings. It is apart of our psyche. For some reason, we think people really listen to us or even care about our ramblings. The reality is that most don't.


1. Why do people say they know you but really don't? They don't really see the real  you because they only see you through their own perceptions. They never ask the right questions or seek for the right actions.
2. Why do some people want your trust but are unwilling to produce the results which honor the rights of trust? Trust can never come unless there are results to prove and validate that trust.
3. Why does selfishness stop the deep inner relationships that Jesus talked about and encouraged? Why is that someone reading this still does not understand what I just wrote? Relationships between people must grow and be cultivated. It has to be stretched and have mutual understandings. It must have irritations and blessings woven in the fabric. It becomes a living organism that needs a constant supply of oxygen and the continual beating of the heart.
4. Why do we have a 50/50 relationship with God? 50% praying, reading, worshiping, doing for the Lord and getting to know him. Then 50% practicing religious ordinances that the Lord never desired, gossiping and judging about his people, holding resentments towards him and others, lusting after things we cannot have nor should ever have,showing our brother in Christ and the world our lack of Character, and putting on a show of our faith but never really having any root in Him.


1.  I wonder why  we work so hard to convince ourselves how right we are but know deep down that something is wrong?
2. I wonder why we make relativism our gospel truth while the true Gospel shines brighter than an exploding star in the Milky Way.
3. I wonder why the  love of man has conditions no one can fully live up to while the Love of God has only one condition? RECEIVE
4. I wonder why we call sin righteousness and righteousness sin?
5. I wonder why the world claims to be free thinking agents but really follow the worldly code of conduct like cattle lining up to be butchered?
6. I wonder why liberal thinking people never see their wrong and lift themselves higher above everyone else?
7. I wonder why many try to change the word of God so it makes their living just a little more breathable?
8. I wonder why people strive so hard to put up a front but their character really reveals who they really are?
9. I wonder why accountability is so hard to relate but so easy to declare?
10. I wonder why some are so spiritually ( in their mind) minded to be any earthly good?

Personal Ramblings:

1. Why do we try to get so many Facebook friends but actually are only close to about 5 of them on the friends list?
2. Why do families take advantage of each other and then cover it up with social gatherings during the holidays?
3. Why is it when you going through tough times your friends disperse like roaches when the lights turn on but when you are in times of plenty EVERYBODY  LOVES YOU?
4.  Why is it that most of the people reading the post will not even make it to this section?
5. Why are we always in a hurry to only discover that our hurry did not stop time or make it go slower?
6. Why do men take advantage of their wives and wonder why they always nagging?
7. Why do wives nag their husbands and not pray for them? God has a bigger foot!
8. Why do children rebel when they are presented with the truth? Why do parents spoil their children and pave the path for rebellion?
9. Why do we work so hard for things but cannot take those things with us?
10. Why do we allow our jobs to work us instead of us working our jobs?
11. Why do we find it hard to balance out our life with his truth instead of being one sided.
12. Why do we only see the here and now but never the tomorrow and then?


1. Never cross a road without looking at the other side first and the left and right second.
2. Don't think too highly of yourself because most people don't think highly of you at all.
3. Your environment doesn't dictate your life's walk but creates your life's stance.
4. Children can be your duplicates or your advancements.
5. Without your spouse you are only half way complete and half way insane.
6. Give yourself fully to the Truth and the Truth will be freely revealed in you.
7. Stop trying to change your spouse because you were not given the power to do so.
8. Death is not the retirement of life but the graduation into something better.
9. Life is a great experiment that prepares you for what will come afterward.
10. Perspective is a two way street but usually only sees one way traffic.
11. The Universe does not stop at the end of our driveway.
12. The Universe revolves around the throne of God, he does not move we revolve away from Him.

Well this is just a few of my ramblings. There will be more in the future. I hope. The History of Tomorrow has not been written in the pages yet. That means each new day starts a fresh page of our life's history.  We choose what gets to be written on the pages.



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