Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Crossing Over

All they did was sin even more, rebel in the desert against the High God. Psalm78:17

There lived a young woman who lived on the border of two countries. Her country consisted of peace and purity. The mountains ran as far as the eye could see and the valleys were filled with lush meadows. Her country had godly standards that most desired to live by. Just across the border was a different kind of country. It had the appearance of total freedom. The inhabitants obeyed no laws and participated in all manner of internal desires. The young woman would stand on one of here country's mountain tops and look across to the other nation.

Each day she would reminisce about what life was like on the other side. She would walk the border and tempt her feet to cross over onto the other side. Finally one day the young woman crosses over to unfamiliar country. She wanders into one of their cities and discovers riot living in the streets. The people appear to be having fun. They seemed so happy drinking their drinks and dancing closely to each others bodies. The young woman finds herself joining in with the fun. She goes deeper and deeper into the abyss of this new life. Years pass by and she finds herself tired of the lifestyle. She begins to reminisce about her old country. She day dreams about the eternal presence she would always feel. She would remember the times of laughter and peacefulness. Days went by and she would stand on the hills of her new country looking into her old. " How did I get here from there?" ,she thought. Then she remembered and answered her very own question. " I crossed the border. I simply crossed over."

How far or how long does it take to cross over to the ungodly things? What gets us to the other side? The answer is simple. We cross over. We simply leave the beauty in the Lord for something that has the appearance of beauty and joy. We live our lives so close to the border and tempt life each day. It is a slow fade when you give yourself away but once the decision has been made. The course of your life is forever changed.

Regardless of who you are. You might be a minister or an average Christian . It does not manner If you live your life at the border; you are bound to crossover eventually.

We must be careful in this hour. The enemy would wish for us all to fall for his slippery trap. We must step away from the border and move more inland. Enjoy the mountain tops of the Lord. Enjoy the valleys full of his richness. Never wander off from his goodness but stay in his presence. For if you don't you might find yourself crossing over.
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