Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Bridegroom's Chamber

 Note: I felt led to submit this. This is from my journal entry I made last September. I felt like the Lord wanted me to release it now.

September 25, 2010  11:44 PM

Dear Journal,


John 3:29-31  The bridegroom is the one to whom the bride belongs; but the bridegroom's friend, who stands by and listens, is glad when he hears the bridegroom's voice. This is how my own happiness is made complete.  (30)  He must become more important while I become less important."  (31)  He who comes from above is greater than all. He who is from the earth belongs to the earth and speaks about earthly matters, but he who comes from heaven is above all.

Today as I was worshiping. I just saw this bedroom chamber. It was lavished with fine linens and plush pillows. On the mantle was a picture of the King and His bride. There was joy upon their faces. I kept hearing the Lord say. :-) " Come and stay in my chamber, wait for me."  :-) In my vision, I felt such peace and happiness. I did not want to leave to say the least. I also heard the Lord say "  :-) The bride belongs to me and her happiness is through me." " Stay and wait for me. Many don't want to wait upon me any more. Those who wait will receive the reward. Those who leave will miss my entrance. Don't grow wearing in the waiting for the waiting is where the faith lies. The waiting is where the true heart endures. The waiting is not for the weak but the strong in me. Tell my bride to wait for me. Tell them to practice entering in my chamber and receiving my joy. Tell them to wait in the Chamber. The chamber is my place of rest and my place of release. It is where I commune with my Bride. Many are afraid to simply come and sit at my feet. You all must decrease in order to find the increase. In my chamber I hold the secrets to your heart and my passion is transferable there." :-)

While in this vision, I kept singing to the Lord for his passion and his wisdom. I kept longing for something more. The chamber left me in a place of longing for something more in Him. It was as if I had been missing something or I over looked an aspect of His glory.

I like what John the Baptist discovered about the chamber of the Lord. :-) " This is how my own happiness is made complete. He must become more important while I become less important."  :-) The surrendered life in Christ is just that. A surrendered Life!!!! All things are turned over to Him. Every anger, bitterness, pain, and sin is given to him. The surrendered life means that our lives must be put to death. Christians are DEAD SINNERS. We are crucified people who no longer desire the lusts of our flesh. Our desires are of Him and through Him. Our God is not from this planet , He is above it and the creator of it. He deserves our attention and He deserves our gratitude. Without His influence there would be no moral code or righteous way to live. One thing I discovered this morning and I already knew but just have forgotten sometimes is that He ( the Infinite , glorious, beautiful, and wonderful God) wanted to spend time with me. Time without strings attached. Time without conditions or needs. He just wanted me to wait in His chambers until he arrived with his glory and splendor. Our God is truly marvelous.

I love you all,



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