Monday, June 20, 2011

Plus-Minus Principle


Mahatma Gandhi was right when he said that when one gets famous someone is 
despised. It is more clearer in the bible when John the Baptist once d said that 

Christ must increase and he must decrease. A man of God must be under to Him who 

called him, not putting his feet on the shoes of His Master and Lord. Only that 
way His Lord is clearly seen while his sent is hidden. When one get rich in 
money, surely one is robbed or defrauded, when one is deceived, one is sure a 
victim of deception. When one is lifted up then one is also humiliated. God and 
covetousness cannot sit together in one throne at the same time, a liar cannot 
go with honest people then accomplish a common goal. Materialism cannot walk in 
the path of Morality, either the one will hate the other to accomplish his goal. 

When a wicked man rule the people mourn, but when a righteous man rule, someone 
is punished.

There is no victory without a damage, there must be pain and perils in going to 
glory and greatness. One must die in order for many to live, one must be cursed, 

for many to be freed upon. Barrabas must be freed so that Christ may die. A 
nation hungry for freedom, must need a hero to get that nation out from bondage. 

One cannot be an impartial and partial man at the same time, One cannot be a 
lover of Truth and an inventor of lies at the same time. But human experience 
and history will teach us that many people sides with the abusers publicly or 
secretly, while only few are with the abused, and these few are not even heard 
or listened to by people concerned. But while many are the abusers, they 
themselves are not at peace going along with their co-abusers fellows.

If we look at people in the corporate world, all of them have one in common, to 
accumulate more money or gain. But they are not at peace to each other, they 
always at doubt against the other, for a lover of money cannot allow to be out 
witted upon from his co-lover of money partners. People in money accumulations 
are the most afraid fellows to die, they are also the less comforted and less 
convenient people. They are almost awake 24 hours a day just to invent more 
efficient and innovative ways in multiplying their wealth. But while they are 
too preoccupied to get more wealth, other important parts of their lives are 
being sacrificed or neglected, such as their health, their loved one's and most 
especially so their remembrance to their Creator and Maker. It is true that in 
this life you can have your gain and also your bankruptcy, but how terrible if 
one is bankcrupt on things that are far essential than the things of this life.

But to those few who would prefer to sacrifice material things in favor of 
eternal things, they are at peace going along with their peers, for they also 
have one in common. They treat material things as tools to get the things that 
remain forever. They believe that coveting the things of God while sacrificing 
material things is the first and foremost mission or goal while living in this 
not so secured and full of perils kind of living. There is no such thing as 
plus-plus-plus factor in this life, one is to embraced the other must be left 
aside. As the saying goes this way, when we were yet young, we sacrifice our 
health to get wealth, but when we get old, we spent our wealth to recover our 
health. We just live here to die, there is no profit under the sun.

Look at the people of the world now, the love of many gets colder and colder, 
but their vices and pleasures gets hotter and hotter. The forests, rivers, and 
seas are deluded and polluted, but civilization and technology gets higher and 
higher. Almost daily new drugs or medicines are discovered, but new diseases are 

also coming in to destroy lives. That is practically the plus-minus factor 
principle, no one is exempted to this principle. Telecommunication apparatus are 

newly discovered and transportation technology have come to a higher level of 
discoveries, but life span of man gets shorter and shorter.

In this life all is vanity, vanity of all vanities, this life is just a bridge 
to reach the real and true life. A life free from death, defeat, perils or 
nakedness. Start crossing now this bridge while there is time and energy to 
spend, before you will say this life was not worth living for. Before your 
health fail and your eyes get dim and your ears get deaf, remember now your 
Creator, for there is no works or wisdom in the grave where man is going to 
descend permanently.

Referenced books in the bible: The books of Job and Ecclesiastes.

by Bro Alberto Esplago
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