Monday, May 2, 2011

I'll Wait for you

Psalms 5:3  In the morning, O LORD, hear my voice. In the morning I lay my needs in front of you, and I wait.

Waiting on God is sometimes hard for most of us. We like everything to be quick and painless. Our impatient acts are due to the desire to control. When we leave some need before the Lord; we are relinquishing our power over the situation. We  are now trusting in someone we can not see but through faith believe He is there.

On June 6, 1944, 160,000 Allied troops landed on a German Fortified beach located on a 50 mile stretch of Normandy , France's coast line. It was the largest amphibious assault known to man. We know this assault to be called D-day. Did you know that there were only a few days within the month that the weather conditions were good enough for the assault? This great attack had to patiently wait for the right time in order to have complete victory. In fact General Dwight Eisenhower said that they would except nothing less but complete victory. June 5 was going to be the day but the weather was not cooperating. General Eisenhower settled for June 6. They almost cancelled the whole thing but it would be another month before they could attack again. June 6 had a full moon which would help with the night invasion. General Eisenhower decided on this date to proceed with the invasion. His patience and ability to see the predicted outcome of a situation turned out to be the right time. The soldiers stormed the Normandy beaches and overcame the German forces. During the invasion, most of the German officers and think tanks were not even with their troops during the invasion. The German forces were comfortable and relaxed. They believed that there would be no way the Allied forces would invade during this time. Their over confidence proved to be disastrous. If the allied forces would have waited another month or invaded a month earlier, you and I would be in a different world right now. A world where the Nazi's controlled 2/3rds of the world and the possible eradication of all Jews.  It is important to simply wait.

Many believers miss out on what God is doing because they refuse to wait. Some believers get in God's way because of impatience and end up hindering what God is trying to do.  David came to the understanding that God was His only hope and it paid to simply wait on Him. David would leave his needs at the alter of the living God and he would stay kneeling there until God came through.  How much more would we see happen if we simply waited on the Lord? What would happen if we stepped out of the way and just trusted the Lord to come through? I know I have some needs that I am believing the Lord for. I am waiting for Him to deliver and to reveal the truth into the situations I am facing. I know that He is my only hope. What about you?  Are you waiting on the Lord? There is a right time for everything and we must wait on Him.  He will come through for I have seen Him do it time and time again.

Love you all,

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