Sunday, May 15, 2011

God's Approval

Romans 5:1-8  Now that we have God's approval by faith, we have peace with God because of what our Lord Jesus Christ has done.  (2)  Through Christ we can approach God and stand in his favor. So we brag because of our confidence that we will receive glory from God.  (3)  But that's not all. We also brag when we are suffering. We know that suffering creates endurance,  (4)  endurance creates character, and character creates confidence.  (5)  We're not ashamed to have this confidence, because God's love has been poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.  (6)  Look at it this way: At the right time, while we were still helpless, Christ died for ungodly people.  (7)  Finding someone who would die for a godly person is rare. Maybe someone would have the courage to die for a good person.  (8)  Christ died for us while we were still sinners. This demonstrates God's love for us.

I don't seek the approval from men or women. I don't seek approval from family or friends. That approval is superficial and temporary. I seek approval from the Eternal one. The Living God who is forever faithful and true. Now this does not give me an excuse to be prideful, but my passion is to seek and please the living God. 

I have God's approval because I believe in Him and put my whole faith in Him. I have His approval because I receive the grace and sacrifice His son bestowed upon me. His approval lives within me when I walk in His righteousness and follow His word. Sin is revealed through His word and all the world is upset with this truth. No one likes it when their sin is revealed and uncovered. I know I don't, but the Lord reveals our sin to us because He loves us. I gain His approval even more when I turn to Him and repent of my sin. Through Jesus Christ, I can stand before my Lord God clean and renewed. I don't have to feel ashamed or over burdened with guilt.

There is no sin too great. There is no offense too large that our God can not forgive us of. There is no person too far gone into the clutches of sin that he or she can not be pulled away from. The Blood of Jesus is strong enough to overcome our greatest sins. There is no person too unclean that he or she can not be washed and cleaned by the Blood of Christ. This is the message of the cross and the truth of our Lord. Christ loved us so much that he died for us even when we were in our ungodly state. Jesus did not go to the cross for the Righteous. He died on the cross for the ungodly. He died for people who cursed Him and flogged Him. He died for those who rejected Him then and now. He died for those who turn to relativism more than follow His truth. He died for people who have rejected His word as Truth and as a road map for our lives. He died for adulterer, the murderer, the thief, and for every filthy sin that man could fall into. He waits patiently for all to come unto Him. His grace is being poured out on us all. His love is a great mystery for those who have never embraced it. I don't fully understand how my God can forgive me and love me. Sometimes, I feel so shameful of my sin. Sometimes the guilt is overbearing but His loving hands come and sweep me up. I stand before Him and I know that I am forgiven. I know that His grace covers me and I don't have to carry the weight of who I have been any more. I am accepted by my God. My Savior presents me before the loving God holy and clean. It is a beautiful thing!!!!!

Maybe you are feeling like your sin is too great or that God does not care for you. I know from experience that this is a lie from the enemy. The living God loves us all and has given us His son to prove it. There is forgiveness for the deepest of sins. There is hope from all sins. All we have to do is come before Him, admit our trespasses and simply receive His forgiveness and approval. It is a beautiful thing!!!!
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