Monday, May 30, 2011

Where is God?

The sky was covered with gloomy clouds and Grey heavens. The Sun would pop out every now and then like a jack in a box on steroids. The anxiety of being overwhelmed filled our hearts and fogged our minds as we traveled to our destination. Flashes of the pictures on TV kept trotting across my mind like a herd of gazelles on the African plains. " What would we find there?" " Do the pictures on the TV really give it justice?" " How would the people be after going through such an horrific ordeal?" Tears weld up in my eyes as I thought about the impact on the lives of so many. I could not imagine loosing my loved ones and on top of that everything I own or have. I know with Christ I would carry on but oh what a struggle it would be. Our conversation in the car went back and forth with these similar thoughts. I could not help but wonder if we could make a difference in some minute way. Who are we? Just three guys with some chain saws , healthy backs, and filled with the love for their God and for their fellow man.

We arrive at our destination which was a local church. They were working with the local disaster teams and helped manage volunteer teams. They had no problem putting us straight to work in the facility, which I loved, by means of moving some boxes around. We helped clear a room for some Pediatricians who were going to offer free care to the victims. I thought this was awesome to know and see. Wow!!!! It is sad that it takes Human tragedy to bring out the best of us as human beings and Christians. Nonetheless, it was humbling to see.

Finally, we got our orders to follow the team of chain sawing and debris moving volunteers who were heading to the Disaster Zone caused by an E5 Tornado. Unfortunately, we got separated from the team and could not find them but we found the Disaster Zone easy enough.

Driving to the Disaster Zone was pretty eerie. That tightening you get in your belly got worst and my emotions started to flare. We started traveling down old Route 66 and our eyes beheld the devastation.Wal-Mart was completely destroyed a shell of building which seemed to be barely standing. Businesses all around were crushed or ripped apart. Cars were turned over on their sides. Some of the cars looked like a giant with a big foot came down and stepped on them. It was a sight to behold. Over to my right there hung a huge American Flag flying in the distance. It was perched on a large mechanical crane high in the air for all to see. Tears began to surface to my eyes and drip down my cheeks. The American heart is one made up of hard perseverance and faith in someone Higher than ourselves. It is our heritage and our foundation. Seeing that Flag did something in me. It reminded my of how proud I am for being born in a great nation. Yes,  a nation with troubles and problems but still a great nation. My patriotic spirit seemed to be revived in that brief moment. I did not realize how important that flag would be until later. It marked the entrance of the worst devastation our country as ever seen from a Tornado in over 60 years.

As we progressed into the Disaster Zone, we would become more amazed at the devastation. " How could anyone survive this?" were our topics of discussion. "  This looks like a bomb went off ." and it did. It looked like some of the pictures I have seen of World War II and the dropping of the Atom bomb over Japan. It was that devastating. There were no more street signs , so you did not know where you were going. We got separated from our team and never did find them in the midst of the Disaster Zone. We decided to go house to house and see who needed help. Help was surely needed. We were able to give a helping hand to several families. We just  cut up fallen trees so owners could get to their belongings. I wondered if we were doing any good. The destruction of these homes were beyond repair, but just showing the residents that we care was , too me, a great impact. There were people helping everywhere. Organizations like Samartian's Purse, Convoy of Hope, Operation Blessing, and local churches  were scattered everywhere. It was humbling to see so many people helping so many people. There were neighbors whose homes were not affected helping their neighbors who lost so much.

We were able to drive by and see the destruction of the local Hospital and some nursing homes. One Nursing Home seemed to be totally demolished. Wheel chairs were mangled and crushed within the rubble. Across the street a church was destroyed but the huge Cross still stood proud in front of the ruins. Every where you went people were helping each other. It look like an ant farm and the busy ants were moving.

We were amazed as we listened to the survival stories from these great people. Many were happy to be alive and have their families with them. Others lost families and friends and the weight of depression was upon them. Please continue to pray for the people of Joplin,MO. I know the Lord is working in the midst of this tradgey. He can take a bad situation and turn it around for His good. He did not cause the destruction; nature did. He gives us a choice to live our lives with or without Him. Right now we are still under the dispensation of man. There is coming a day when that will change.

Seeing all that destruction puts a new perspective on life. LIFE IS SHORT!!!!  The bible says the following about life.

James 4:14  Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.

It seems silly to be caught up in petty squabbles. It seems silly to be caught up in arguments. Families hating each other for no reason and friends breaking a part of petty differences. It seems foolish when you compare it to those who have lost so much. For some , their family members will never return. They will never have a chance to spend Thanksgiving meals with them again or other holidays. Today is Memorial Day where families cook out together and remember our fallen heroes. For some that is forever gone. Why does it take a tragedy for people to peel away the reality of life? Why are some people so selfish that they only see there issues and could care less for anyone else? Why do some people make mountains out of mole hills in their lives?  Life is short. What will your life hold in the end? If I die today or tomorrow or several years from now. What will my life have spoken to the many people I know? Who would be at my funeral? What would my Eulogy be like? I would hope many would see my compassion and love for the Human Race. I hope they would see me as someone who loved God with all of His heart and tried to live according His truth not Relativism which is running rapid in today's society.

The question of the day is where is God? Why did not God stop this tragedy or prevent it? Why did God allow it happen? These are all valid questions but unfortunately not many want to hear or receive the answers. God has allowed man to make his choices. We can choose the Lord or not. Sin has left the world in disarray. Sin took a perfect world without corruption and natural disasters and created a world totally different from God's plan. Because of sin we have natural disasters which simply  hit at any moment and without any warning. The earth is vomiting itself up from the course of sin. Sin affects even the natural state of things.

Leviticus 18:25-27  And the land is defiled: therefore I do visit the iniquity thereof upon it, and the land itself vomiteth out her inhabitants.  (26)  Ye shall therefore keep my statutes and my judgments, and shall not commit any of these abominations; neither any of your own nation, nor any stranger that sojourneth among you:  (27)  (For all these abominations have the men of the land done, which were before you, and the land is defiled;)

Because we are all natural beings living in a fallen sinful state, natural disasters affect us all. The bible says it rains on the just and the unjust. As believers we can simply trust in our Lord and call upon his name. Tragedies will still occur but our hope is found only in Him.

So why did not God intervene? His time to intervene with full force upon mankind will one day occur in the not so distant future. Right now , He is waiting for many to turn to Him. He is waiting for sinful hearts to return back to Him. His love is pouring out so all could come back until Him. His ways are better for life. In the midst of Tragedy our God can be felt and He is present. He is simply waiting for all to turn back until Him. God did not cause this pain but He can heal it. The people who are suffering did not come under God's judgement if that was true we all would be destroyed. His judgment has not come yet to the human race. This is simply a natural disaster which occurred during the fallen state of mankind. One day all tears will be wiped away. One day all disasters will cease to exist. One day all pain and suffering will be gone for those who have surrendered their hearts to the loving truth of our God. In the midst of this pain there is hope and the hope will always be in Christ alone.

God is present right now in the midst of all the pain and suffering. He is standing there in the middle. I saw God all over the place this past Saturday. The Scripture passage below explains it a little more.

Matthew 25:31-46  "When the Son of Man comes in his glory and all his angels are with him, he will sit on his glorious throne.  (32)  The people of every nation will be gathered in front of him. He will separate them as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats.  (33)  He will put the sheep on his right but the goats on his left.  (34)  "Then the king will say to those on his right, 'Come, my Father has blessed you! Inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the creation of the world.  (35)  I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat. I was thirsty, and you gave me something to drink. I was a stranger, and you took me into your home.  (36)  I needed clothes, and you gave me something to wear. I was sick, and you took care of me. I was in prison, and you visited me.'  (37)  "Then the people who have God's approval will reply to him, 'Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you or see you thirsty and give you something to drink?  (38)  When did we see you as a stranger and take you into our homes or see you in need of clothes and give you something to wear?  (39)  When did we see you sick or in prison and visit you?'  (40)  "The king will answer them, 'I can guarantee this truth: Whatever you did for one of my brothers or sisters, no matter how unimportant they seemed, you did for me.'  (41)  "Then the king will say to those on his left, 'Get away from me! God has cursed you! Go into everlasting fire that was prepared for the devil and his angels!  (42)  I was hungry, and you gave me nothing to eat. I was thirsty, and you gave me nothing to drink.  (43)  I was a stranger, and you didn't take me into your homes. I needed clothes, and you didn't give me anything to wear. I was sick and in prison, and you didn't take care of me.'  (44)  "They, too, will ask, 'Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or as a stranger or in need of clothes or sick or in prison and didn't help you?'  (45)  "He will answer them, 'I can guarantee this truth: Whatever you failed to do for one of my brothers or sisters, no matter how unimportant they seemed, you failed to do for me.'  (46)  "These people will go away into eternal punishment, but those with God's approval will go into eternal life."

What ever we do to help others in the name of our Lord. The King of Kings is in the midst of it. God was present working through all the many believers who were down there giving up their time to help others in need. He works through us. May we look differently at the chain of events happening around the world. Yes sin has caused so much pain and suffering but we serve a God that gives us a way out. We have a God which teaches us to love everyone and help them no matter what. This is my stance and this is my passion. I want to share the love of God with everyone I meet. I want to help the hurting and those in pain. I want to make a difference in this life not because I am ordered too. I want to make a difference because I love my God and love people. I don't care what sin they might be in or corruption they might currently have. We all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. I want to show the world that they need Jesus just like I need Jesus. He is our savior and our king. He is right here helping so many with His love and power.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Life is more than for ourselves

Philippians 2:3-5  Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.  (4)  Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others.  (5)  Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:

One of the greatest messages that Jesus taught us was the sharing of our lives with others. Thinking about others more than how we think about ourselves. Recently there have been a string of natural disasters happening all around the world. There have been many in my own country where hundreds have died. It is sad to see and hear. My heart goes out to all those people who have lost so much. I can't help but weep for these people and pray that the power of God will come and comfort them.

 Many people ask how God could allow these things to happen. I am not sure why so many easily blame God for horrible things. God has allowed the planet to progress in the direction of Sin. The planet has been allowed to mature without the full hand of God around it. The maturing planet causes more natural disasters. We will see them more and more in the future. These disasters are not God's judgment, that will come in the future, these are just natural disasters.

Many people ask in times like these where is God? Well I can see him every where in the midst of these circumstances. Look at all the organizations christian and non that are rushing to these disaster sites to give a helping hand. We can see on the News channels that God is everywhere when people are giving water and supplies to those who have lost so much. We have seen pictures of  caring workers holding and comforting the wounded and the worried. Ladies and Gentlemen, God is in the midst of believers who carefully and passionately serve others. This the reality of our Lord.

During these perilous times, it is up to the Believers of Christ to show the power of God to the hurting. We need to make sure our lives are constantly about helping and serving others. God gives us more not to have this rich life style but to serve others. True believer I encourage you all to reach out to those that are less fortunate than you. Show the Love of God to the hurting world.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Wedding Contract.

Revelation 19:7  Let us rejoice, be happy, and give him glory because it's time for the marriage of the lamb. His bride has made herself ready.

On Saturday May 21, 2011, a false prophet prophesied the End of the world and the return of Christ. He declared that 200 million people would be raptured and be forever more with their Lord. He was obviously wrong and all of us are still here. This false prophet's message stirred up the hearts of many around the world. Although many in the world did not believe the message ; deep down they questioned it. On this day, a 6.5 earthquake did happen near New Zealand but no damage or effect was reported. On Sunday, May 22, 2011, Joplin, Missouri was met with devastation from a powerful Tornado. One reports indicated that 75% of the city is gone. It is obvious that the times are changing but to what end?

What if Christ did return on May 21, 2001? Would the church have been  ready? Would His Bride have been ready? The Bible declares, figuratively and spiritually, that we are the Bride of Christ. Do we understand what that means?

In the bible times, a young Jewish man looking to be married would give a young lady, who he was hoping to marry, a Ketubah. A Ketubah  is a marriage contract which was given from the bridegroom to his future bride. It was a covenant which was written with great care and consideration for the Bride. The Bridegroom would spend quality time preparing the contract in order to give it to his bride to be.

Written on the Ketubah was the  young man's hearts desire.He would express, within the Ketubah, his deep love and hopes for the two to be together.  He would declare his promises to her on how he would protect her and always be by her side. He would promise his life for her and give her what she needs.  He would express his likes and dislikes, his ideals and philosophy on life, how his household should be ran, and what his expectations were on family life.

When the Ketubah is given trumpets are blown and the Bride is given new wine to drink. The Bridegroom takes a sip first. When the Bride takes a sip;she is signifying that she agrees with the contract or Ketubah. Once the contract has been excepted trumpets are blown again to announce the betrothal of the bridegroom and the bride.  After the ceremony, the bride and bridegroom return to their Father's homes . They do not see each other for a whole year until the wedding day. The Bridegroom goes and prepares a place for his new bride to be. He gets everything ready for her and raises up finances to complete the agreement. The bride goes and studies the contract or Ketubah for the whole year. She would memorize it and make sure she followed the conditions until her wedding day. In essence she was preparing herself to be the Bride for her lover.

Church? Are we preparing ourselves to be the Bride of Christ? Jesus gave us a Ketubah some 2000 years ago and sealed it with his own blood.  He has left his Ketubah with us to read, study, and live until His return. ( talking about the bible). Jesus said he was going to prepare a place for us and he would return at the appointed time. Our task is simple. Become the Bride that Jesus is returning for. Live the word of God to the fullest of heart. Practice and live holiness and righteousness. Don't sway from the truth but keep the truth tightly secure within your heart. Fulfill the promises that the Bridegroom has laid out for you. Each believer must become what Christ desires for us to be. We made a covenant with our Lord which should not be broken. The world is gearing up to see more signs and we will see our Bridegroom return. We might not know the time or the day but our Lord will return!!!! He is coming to get his lovely Bride and she must be ready.

Below is a comparison of the physical Ketubah and the spiritual Ketubah.

Physical Spiritual
The Bridegroom prepares the Ketubah Jesus came and gave his Ketubah to any who believed. 
The Bridegroom expresses his love and commitment.  Jesus showed this on the cross.
The Ketubah expresses the Like and dislikes of the BG Jesus preached messages of truth and clarity of sin. 
New wine was given to seal the contract. Jesus gave us new wine through his Holy Spirit. 
The BG leaves and prepares a place for his bride. Jesus is in heaven right now preparing a place for us.
The Bride reads and memorizes the Ketubah The Bride of Christ should be making herself read.
The Bride faithfully waits until the return of the Groom.  We must patiently wait for our Lord regardless of the time. 
The Groom supports his Bride until his return Jesus has given us so many promises that belong to us. 
The Bride learns everything about her Groom The Bride of Christ should learn everything about our Lord. 

Are we ready to meet our Lord and King? It could be several more years before the return of Christ. It does not matter. What matters is that we are living for Father God to release Him to come and get His bride. It is just a matter of time. Time to us is different than time to God. To Him, it exists outside His being. He is waiting for the right moment. The Bible says that He wishes for none to perish but for all to come unto righteousness. Be ready for the Lord. Be ready for His return. For He will return. This much is true.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Writing in the Sand

John 8 ( From the Message Bible)

To Throw the Stone
 1-2 Jesus went across to Mount Olives, but he was soon back in the Temple again. Swarms of people came to him. He sat down and taught them. 3-6The religion scholars and Pharisees led in a woman who had been caught in an act of adultery. They stood her in plain sight of everyone and said, "Teacher, this woman was caught red-handed in the act of adultery. Moses, in the Law, gives orders to stone such persons. What do you say?" They were trying to trap him into saying something incriminating so they could bring charges against him.
 6-8Jesus bent down and wrote with his finger in the dirt. They kept at him, badgering him. He straightened up and said, "The sinless one among you, go first: Throw the stone." Bending down again, he wrote some more in the dirt.
 9-10Hearing that, they walked away, one after another, beginning with the oldest. The woman was left alone. Jesus stood up and spoke to her. "Woman, where are they? Does no one condemn you?"
 11"No one, Master."
   "Neither do I," said Jesus. "Go on your way. From now on, don't sin." 

Jesus loved to sit down and teach the people. He wanted the truth to be revealed to them. Unfortunately , like today, many just did not get it. Jesus was the most admired and the most misunderstood. His words of truth still fill the earth like a sweet aroma today. I am always amazed at His wisdom and demeanor. I desperately desire to pattern myself after His example.

I often wondered what Jesus was writing in the sand. Was it? " Her sins are forgiven." or " They accuse but stand accused themselves." Was it? " My grace is sufficient" or " Oh how I love her and forgive her." Maybe it was not words that the human eye understood or could read. Maybe it was something written in a heavenly language.  Maybe he was motioning the hand movement of writing and making a statement to the religious minded. Maybe he was revealing a part of His God state. Remember it was the living God  who wrote on the first Ten Commandments by His finger. Moses broke all ten of them as well as the people of Israel.  Maybe Jesus was saying, through the writing in the sand, a deeper message. The Law reveals sin and shows us what is sin. We need the Law to reveal our sin and for that purpose the Law of God is good. However, we need a way out for the Law did not give a way out. We need a way to escape the failures which comes with sin. Yes, this woman should have been stoned along with all the men she slept with. She deserved the punishment that came with the sin she committed. But Jesus was writing a completion and the fulfilled purpose of the Living God in the sand. Maybe he was finishing the finger writing of the commandments which was one word. GRACE!!!!!!  Oh precious GRACE!!!. This wonderful GRACE that I cling to and hold on to. OH THE PRECIOUS GRACE OF THE LORD!!!   Grace does not condone our wrong but gives us a way out from it. It ushers in forgiveness and strength to overcome the weight of sin. Jesus saw through this woman's sin and saw her heart.

Regardless of what was written in the sand, I believe it was relevant and powerful to the situation at hand. Jesus, with great wisdom and authority, stood up and asked " The sinless one among you go ahead and stone her first." One by one the stones dropped to the ground and the accusers left the scene. The oldest to the youngest left in that order. I believe in that moment , when Jesus spoke, Holy Spirit revealed the individual sins to each person standing there with a stone in their hand. The accusers were not wrong in pointing out this woman's sin. The word of God is clear on this point. She was defiantly in sin and she needed to repent and do it no more.  The accusers were wrong because they to had secret sins. They  were wrong because they were walking in sin without repentance themselves. It was not that they had sinned in the past; it was that they were still in their sins. Jesus asked for those who were without sin ( Presently). Present sin not past sin which would have been forgiven for. These accusers stood accusing while having deep rooted sin within their lives and Holy Spirit revealed that to them. This is why the stones laid there on the ground.  On that day, Jesus was the only one without  sin which made Him the rightful accuser of this lady. But in His kindness and compassion he turns to the woman, probably lifts her from the sandy ground, dusts her off, and asks where her accusers were. They were no where to be found. Jesus then tells the woman that she was forgiven and that she should go and sin no more. Notice that Jesus did not deny her sin but simply forgave it. He also commanded her to go and sin no more. Grace knows the sin is there and gives us the hope and power to overcome that sin in the future. Jesus gave this woman hope. She did not have be hooker anymore. She did not have to keep giving her body away to vulgar and self-centered men. She did not have to keep focusing on her past but could arise to a brighter future. Jesus gave her a way out of her sin, and it was up to her to walk in it.

That day God's greater purpose was revealed. He wished for none to perish to the depths of sin. He has given us a way out. He desires for us to be free. We can live without the control of sin. Do you believe this woman went back to being a hooker  or adulterer after her experience with Jesus?  I would think not. Once you have been with the Lord, your life is forever altered. I guarantee you that this woman did not want to go back to her sinful life. Her encounter with the living God forever left her a changed woman.

What is the Lord writing in the sand for our lives? Maybe he is reminding us of His grace. Maybe he is reminding us of the stones in our hands. Maybe He is revealing to us to throw down the stones and live free from our own sins. Maybe He is reminding all of us that we need his grace and forgiveness even more now than when we first believed. I know I do. I don't forget about my sins that my Lord has forgiven me from past, present, and future. I strive to live in them no more and seek His righteousness. This is what it means to be a believer. To be anything less is to be like the Pharisees who where ready to stone the adulterer. They were judging while unresolved sin was still festering in their lives. They themselves were just as worthy to receive punishment for their sins. For unresolved sin will result in punishment. But Jesus wrote in the sand for them as well. They too could taste of the grace of God. They too could come and walk in the purity of our God. They too could be set free from the controlling nature of sin. We still mess up at times as believers but sin is to no longer control us. This is what it means to be set free. This is what it means to walk in the holiness of the Lord. We are in a process and we need the grace of the living God to make it.

What is Daddy writing in the sand on our behalf? He is standing there with us ready to lift us from the dirty ground. He is there to free us from our accuser, SATAN. Yes, we have sinned. Yes we deserve the punishment of that sin but Daddy has forgiven and has shared HIS WONDERFUL GRACE WITH US!!!!

Stand today and know that His grace is there for you.

I love you all,


Monday, May 16, 2011

Regaining Life in the Message

Acts 20:6-12  After the Festival of Unleavened Bread, we boarded a ship at Philippi. Five days later we joined them in Troas and stayed there for seven days.  (7)  On Sunday we met to break bread. Paul was discussing Scripture with the people. Since he intended to leave the next day, he kept talking until midnight.  (8)  (Many lamps were lit in the upstairs room where we were meeting.)  (9)  A young man named Eutychus was sitting in a window. As Paul was talking on and on, Eutychus was gradually falling asleep. Finally, overcome by sleep, he fell from the third story and was dead when they picked him up.  (10)  Paul went to him, took him into his arms, and said, "Don't worry! He's alive!"  (11)  Then Eutychus went upstairs again, broke the bread, and ate. Paul talked with the people for a long time, until sunrise, and then left.  (12)  The people took the boy home. They were greatly relieved that he was alive.

How has your passion been for the Message?  If you are a pastor, are your messages getting stale and cold? It is important that we keep the life behind the message burning. It is so easy to get burned out and miss what the Lord is trying to speak through us. Sometimes the messages become this long drawn out word that Holy Spirit did not speak through us.

Paul was teaching the people way into the night because he was going to leave the next day. Luke, the writer, states that Paul was preaching on and on. Paul must have been one of those long winded preachers. ( I am glad I am not one of those. LOL!) The teaching of the word was exciting to Paul and he loved to reveal the mysteries of Christ to the People. There was a young man, who at no fault to himself, got sleepy. He dozed off and fell three stories to the ground. This killed him instantly. Everyone was horrified by the accident. Paul walks down the stairs, holds the boy in his arms, and simply declares that the boy was OK and he is alive!. How awesome is that!!!!  What does this speak to us?  " The Power of God is present even in the midst of a boring sermon." No , No, maybe not that, but it shows that God is with us every hour on the hour. He showed up when Paul and this young man needed him the most. We need power like this in our message. The message without power is just a nice message. The People of God and the hearers need to see and know of the majesty of our God when we speak. The message should come across with such an anointing that the hearers are overwhelmed by God's presence. I must say that this does not always happen for me. Sometimes the message is dead. Partly it is due to my lack of Holy Spirit direction. Sometimes it was due to the hearers. The hearers have a lot to do with the how the message is received as well. If their hearts are not open and they are falling asleep spiritually then the message is not received.

Paul delivered a message that lasted all night but he needed something to help the message come alive. The boy's falling out the window was a perfect tool to bring the message home into the hearts of the hearers. Once the boy was resurrected Paul marches back up the stairs and preaches some more. Now how awesome is that!!!!! Our message comes from the Lord and is empowered by Holy Spirit. I believe if we are all truthful. There have been times where we preached without the anointing of God upon us. Do you know what you do when you are in those situations? PRAY and INVITE HOLY SPIRIT TO COME AND DIRECT OUR PATHS.

We have to be careful that we are speaking what the Lord is directing us. I have learned over the years that if the heart of the people are not open to receive the message at the time of the delivery then that is alright with me. I am just the messenger and Holy Spirit does the rest.

So how can we regain life in the Message?

1. Never stop being humble.  Many ministers forget where they have come from and preach down to the people of God. I would always tell the congregation. " I am not preaching at you; I am preaching with you." Allow the message you are feeling led to preach convict your heart as well. Make sure you show that vulnerability to the people of God. The message is more powerful when it is spoken from a humbled heart, so don't come across as an arrogant know -it- all.
2. Be prayed up:  The message God is leading you preach should be enshrouded by prayer. Pray for the message to convict hearts and to teach hearts. Pray that the Lord is magnified and that His truth comes out not human doctrine.
3. Let Holy Spirit reign: Many times we try to speak beyond what Holy Spirit is telling us to say. I always try to listen to Holy Spirit and allow Him to finish the message when He is ready. Now have I done that every time. I must say that I have not. There are times where I am so excited about what the Lord is teaching that I go further than what Holy Spirit wanted to. There are times where Holy Spirit wants to go a different direction, and I would take the easy road and preach the prepared message anyway.  Sometimes Holy Spirit does not want you to say anything. " Just because you can do something, does not mean you should."
4. Allow Holy Spirit to seal the deal: Let Holy Spirit minister to the hearts. He does a better job than we do. We try to force the issue and sometimes end up making a religious mess out of the whole ordeal. Holy Spirit, not you or I, is the one who convicts hearts. He is the one who teaches the word of God better than I could ever teach it. Once again, we are just vessels that Holy Spirit uses.
5. Include the audience: My greatest messages are when the people of God participate. I love it when Holy Spirit is giving them revelation,and they begin to share. It is an awesome time. When Christ started the church, he never intended for the believers to sit down and be preached at for about an hour each Sunday. He expected that all believers would participate in the message and become doers of the message. Our greatest times of revelation come from the collective utterance of the brethren.
6. Let the Passion flow:  Never let your passion and excitement for the Word of God to die down. You have to keep throwing wood on the flickering flames. You do this by reading the word everyday and by allowing Holy Spirit to teach you. Let that passion and excitement flow through your teaching and sharing of the message. I love the word of God. It has the answers for everything we do in life. I try to live by all of it not just some of it. Even the parts which are not always good to hear; I know I must follow and do. His word is powerful and offensive to the unwilling heart. That is why it is called a two-edged sword.

As ministers we are imperfect people sharing a perfected word. God uses us as His mouth piece to the world and to the church. That is why it is important to never forget where you came from. The life in message comes alive to the audience when we are walking in the life of the word and we are broken by it.

Keep sharing the truth and let nothing hold you back.



Sunday, May 15, 2011

God's Approval

Romans 5:1-8  Now that we have God's approval by faith, we have peace with God because of what our Lord Jesus Christ has done.  (2)  Through Christ we can approach God and stand in his favor. So we brag because of our confidence that we will receive glory from God.  (3)  But that's not all. We also brag when we are suffering. We know that suffering creates endurance,  (4)  endurance creates character, and character creates confidence.  (5)  We're not ashamed to have this confidence, because God's love has been poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.  (6)  Look at it this way: At the right time, while we were still helpless, Christ died for ungodly people.  (7)  Finding someone who would die for a godly person is rare. Maybe someone would have the courage to die for a good person.  (8)  Christ died for us while we were still sinners. This demonstrates God's love for us.

I don't seek the approval from men or women. I don't seek approval from family or friends. That approval is superficial and temporary. I seek approval from the Eternal one. The Living God who is forever faithful and true. Now this does not give me an excuse to be prideful, but my passion is to seek and please the living God. 

I have God's approval because I believe in Him and put my whole faith in Him. I have His approval because I receive the grace and sacrifice His son bestowed upon me. His approval lives within me when I walk in His righteousness and follow His word. Sin is revealed through His word and all the world is upset with this truth. No one likes it when their sin is revealed and uncovered. I know I don't, but the Lord reveals our sin to us because He loves us. I gain His approval even more when I turn to Him and repent of my sin. Through Jesus Christ, I can stand before my Lord God clean and renewed. I don't have to feel ashamed or over burdened with guilt.

There is no sin too great. There is no offense too large that our God can not forgive us of. There is no person too far gone into the clutches of sin that he or she can not be pulled away from. The Blood of Jesus is strong enough to overcome our greatest sins. There is no person too unclean that he or she can not be washed and cleaned by the Blood of Christ. This is the message of the cross and the truth of our Lord. Christ loved us so much that he died for us even when we were in our ungodly state. Jesus did not go to the cross for the Righteous. He died on the cross for the ungodly. He died for people who cursed Him and flogged Him. He died for those who rejected Him then and now. He died for those who turn to relativism more than follow His truth. He died for people who have rejected His word as Truth and as a road map for our lives. He died for adulterer, the murderer, the thief, and for every filthy sin that man could fall into. He waits patiently for all to come unto Him. His grace is being poured out on us all. His love is a great mystery for those who have never embraced it. I don't fully understand how my God can forgive me and love me. Sometimes, I feel so shameful of my sin. Sometimes the guilt is overbearing but His loving hands come and sweep me up. I stand before Him and I know that I am forgiven. I know that His grace covers me and I don't have to carry the weight of who I have been any more. I am accepted by my God. My Savior presents me before the loving God holy and clean. It is a beautiful thing!!!!!

Maybe you are feeling like your sin is too great or that God does not care for you. I know from experience that this is a lie from the enemy. The living God loves us all and has given us His son to prove it. There is forgiveness for the deepest of sins. There is hope from all sins. All we have to do is come before Him, admit our trespasses and simply receive His forgiveness and approval. It is a beautiful thing!!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I can do all things.

Philippians 4:11-13  I'm not saying this because I'm in any need. I've learned to be content in whatever situation I'm in.  (12)  I know how to live in poverty or prosperity. No matter what the situation, I've learned the secret of how to live when I'm full or when I'm hungry, when I have too much or when I have too little.  (13)  I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me.

What is the secret of how to live? Paul found it and other believers found it. What is it exactly? The secret is revealed in verse 13. " I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me.."  This is how Paul could serve the Lord in plenty and in lack. This is how we can serve the Lord in good times and bad times. Are we ready for the bad times? As our world gets more and more volatile, are we ready for bad times? When they come will our faith arise and be strong in the Lord?

When I think about this verse I think about the Chinese Christians. Many have to meet in underground churches due to the governments restraints on Christianity. I think about the stories of many Chinese believers who endured much because of their faith. We in the WEST don't have a clue when it comes to really standing up for our faith. I have read countless stories of pastors and average believers being beaten, jailed, imprisoned to a work camp, placed under house arrest and much more just for their faith in Christ. I have read where many of the Chinese Christians quote Philippians 4:13 and use it as their confidence in the Lord.

There is nothing that we can not do in and through our LORD JESUS!!!! I have witnessed it in my life and in the lives of many around me. It is a beautiful thing to see. Some where along the way, I know I sometimes forget the power of this verse in my life. God has a plan for us all and He has big dreams for us. I gladly submit myself to HIS WAYS and to HIS WILL for my life. If I stay tracking with His truth, I can never go wrong. If we keep believing in this verse, the sky is not the  limit. The limit does not exists when we are walking in the Will of our Father and believing in Him. He holds the key to our future and destiny. Through Him I can everything He has called me to be.

What about you? Where do you stand? Do you know that you can do anything through the power of Christ within you? Live this verse out this week and see what happens.



Monday, May 9, 2011

Be joyful in the Lord!

Philippians 4:4-7  Always be joyful in the Lord! I'll say it again: Be joyful!  (5)  Let everyone know how considerate you are. The Lord is near.  (6)  Never worry about anything. But in every situation let God know what you need in prayers and requests while giving thanks.  (7)  Then God's peace, which goes beyond anything we can imagine, will guard your thoughts and emotions through Christ Jesus.

It is hard to be joyful all the time. Sometimes you feel like you are being phony or untruthful. But it is the word of God. Correct?  Paul the apostle knew how to celebrate in the Lord even when times were hard. Remember the story of Paul and Silas while they were in prison?  Paul and Silas worshiped the Lord even though they had been beaten and locked up in  chains. Their worship and praise reached an all time high when the earth shook and freed them from their incarceration.

Believers should not worry or feel overwhelmed by circumstances which come our way. The Joy of the Lord is our strength for we have something to be joyful about.

Several years ago, while on a family vacation to the coastal regions of Georgia, my family and I visited an old 1700-1800's Methodist church which was a historic site. All around this church were graves dated back over 200 years. As we walked around one could feel the power of history rising up from the graves. This old time church was one of the churches that John Wesley helped to start and it had existed some 200 years later. John Wesley was the father and founder of Methodism.  John Wesley was a joyful man who loved to present the gospel to anyone who would hear. Although he went through trials and ridicule, he stayed focused on the Lord and never lost his joy.

John Wesley travelled generally on horseback, preaching two or three times each day. Stephen Tomkins writes that he "rode 250,000 miles, gave away 30,000 pounds, ... and preached more than 40,000 sermons. He did all of this because he put his whole trust in the Lord.

When I walked into this old church building one could still feel the power of God residing within it's walls. It was like being transported back in time and being in the services that John Wesley conducted. One could almost hear the walls speaking about the greatness of the Lord which was once present there. As I touched the old wooden pews and ran my hand along the old wooden walls; I felt the Spirit of God rise up within me. I could sense the Lord imparting something within me. He imparted His joy and strengthen. I could sense the Lord's excitement for His word to mankind.  It was an amazing experience to say the least.

 When Wesley died on 2 March 1791, in his eighty-seventh year. As he lay dying he was heard speaking the following. "Farewell, farewell." At the end, he said "The best of all is, God is with us", lifted his arms and raised his feeble voice again, repeating the words, "The best of all is, God is with us." Because of his charitable nature he died poor, leaving as the result of his life's work 135,000 members and 541 itinerant preachers under the name "Methodist". John Wesley lived a life full of joy in the Lord. He was not perfect but an example of how all believers should life. We have something to be joyful about. Truly the best of all of us is that God is with us.

The scripture says " Never worry about anything..." How can that be? Well we have a heavenly Father who desires to listen to our prayers.  He loves us so much and desires to answer those prayers which are woven together within his perfect will.

When we walk in joy and put our trust in the Lord then we have the assurance that our God will overcome . He promises His peace to rest upon us even in the midst of the storm. Being joyful in the Lord does not mean that we become emotionless beings. We are not Vulcans!!!! Lol!!!! However, it does mean that we don't let our emotions hinder us from praising the Lord even in the midst of trouble. He is right there with us. He is within us. His joy is rising up!!!  Be joyful in the Lord today. Walk in His joy and see what happens.



Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Beauty of the Lord

Psalm 27:4  I have asked one thing from the LORD. This I will seek: to remain in the LORD'S house all the days of my life in order to gaze at the LORD'S beauty and to search for an answer in his temple.

This morning was just a beautiful time in the Lord and simply spending time with Him on my knees. I am ashamed to say that I don't get to do that very often. Life is just so busy sometimes and it shouldn't be. Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in the every day grin and forget about the important things in life. One major important thing for me and should be for all believers is spending time with our God.

The writer of the Psalm gives a depiction of what a day should look like in the Lord. He wanted to  spend time with the Lord on the Lord's turf. "... Remain in the LORD's House all the days of my life..." The writer desires nothing more in life but the living God. When we desire nothing more than the living God and the serving of His ways then everything else around us takes on a new perspective.

The writer gives us a secret of how to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and it is by spending time with Him. Coming into the house of the Lord ( not meaning a  church building) which means coming into His presence and simply worshiping Him. We were created for worship. We were created to follow after His heart. He knows best for us because He has designed all that is good and true. All true answers in life come from the Lord and His word. We can only understand His heart and purpose for our lives by spending time with Him in His HOUSE. Trust me there is no way that if you are really spending time with the Lord that you come out being the same. He will convict your heart. He will direct your emotions. He will show you His ways. This is the reality of spending time with the Lord. To gaze upon His beauty and majesty is so awesome and real. Because of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross, we have a paved path to the greatness of God. We get to experience a greater glory than what Moses experienced on Mount Sinai. How awesome is that!!!!

I think about all the things which have happen in my life good and bad and how my God has been faithful to the end. His beauty has always shined through even when I was a knuckle head. Even when I would miss the mark my God would shine His beauty on my heart of repentance.  This morning I got to see the beauty of the Lord and it shone with greatness. He revealed my heart , good and bad, and motioned me into His presence. The Deeper I go the more I experience of Him.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the truth of God's word. It is not something strange for a man to follow the heart of His God. We are commissioned to come into His HOUSE and worship at HIS FEET.  When was the last time you knelt before the Lord and called upon His name? When was the last time you prayed and talked to the Lord? ( Something more than just selfish needs) When was the last time you communed with Him and experience the deepness of His presence? I promise you this the beauty of the Lord is amazing and biblical. The world can not understand the mysteries that we believers have in our Lord. It is foolishness to them because they don't have Him. But for us, we know. We know that our God is real and that we can spend time with Him. We know that His beauty and majesty is real and we see it every time we commune with His heart. I encourage you today to simply fall on your knees before the living God , come into His house, and experience His beauty.



Saturday, May 7, 2011

Broken Spirit

Psalms 51:1-19  For the choir director; a psalm by David when the prophet Nathan came to him after David's adultery with Bathsheba. Have pity on me, O God, in keeping with your mercy. In keeping with your unlimited compassion, wipe out my rebellious acts.  (2)  Wash me thoroughly from my guilt, and cleanse me from my sin.  (3)  I admit that I am rebellious. My sin is always in front of me.  (4)  I have sinned against you, especially you. I have done what you consider evil. So you hand down justice when you speak, and you are blameless when you judge.  (5)  Indeed, I was born guilty. I was a sinner when my mother conceived me.  (6)  Yet, you desire truth and sincerity. Deep down inside me you teach me wisdom.  (7)  Purify me from sin with hyssop, and I will be clean. Wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.  (8)  Let me hear sounds of joy and gladness. Let the bones that you have broken dance.  (9)  Hide your face from my sins, and wipe out all that I have done wrong.  (10)  Create a clean heart in me, O God, and renew a faithful spirit within me.  (11)  Do not force me away from your presence, and do not take your Holy Spirit from me.  (12)  Restore the joy of your salvation to me, and provide me with a spirit of willing obedience.  (13)  Then I will teach your ways to those who are rebellious, and sinners will return to you.  (14)  Rescue me from the guilt of murder, O God, my savior. Let my tongue sing joyfully about your righteousness!  (15)  O Lord, open my lips, and my mouth will tell about your praise.  (16)  You are not happy with any sacrifice. Otherwise, I would offer one to you. You are not pleased with burnt offerings.  (17)  The sacrifice pleasing to God is a broken spirit. O God, you do not despise a broken and sorrowful heart.  (18)  Favor Zion with your goodness. Rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.  (19)  Then you will be pleased with sacrifices offered in the right spirit- with burnt offerings and whole burnt offerings. Young bulls will be offered on your altar.

King David had just committed a horrible sin. He had sex with another man's wife and had her husband killed. The Prophet Nathan came to reveal the sin and to tell of God's coming judgment. King David lived under the law and before the grace that Jesus brought to all mankind. The law stated that if you committed adultery or other sexual sins then you were to be stoned. King David threw himself at the mercy seat of the living God. Thank the Lord for His grace being  upon us today. If it was not for His grace, everyone that calls themselves Christians would be dead right now. I would be at the top of that list. 

King David cried out to the Lord once his sin was revealed to Him. We desperately need the Holy Spirit to reveal to us our sins. We need those times with Holy Spirit and simply cry out to the Living God. King David asked the Lord to remove his Rebellious acts. He asked for a cleansing from the guilt which comes from a life of sin or after a sinful act.  I like what David said next. " I admit I am rebellious." There is no need to hide anything from the Living God because He sees it all. David understood this truth. He knew what God's word said and in the light of God's word  he admitted his rebellious and sinful ways. I admit mine to my God. As a believer our acts of sin should not be many nor should they be controlling but we still fall sometimes. I know I do. I have a reoccurring sin in my life that is defeated for several months but every now and then I fall into it again. Sometimes I fall for the temptations that the enemy is throwing my way. Sometimes I allow the distractions of life to take me away from my God's Presence. My weakest moments come when I am not in prayer or studying his word. When I am worrying or overwhelmed by human happenings, I begin to fall into some kind of sin. We need to understand this. A sin is a sin in the eyes of God. There are different levels of sin but still sin. Each sin needs the covering of the Blood of Jesus. Each sin needs the forgiveness from our God because it is an act against His righteousness. 

He asked for God to hide his face from David's sins. David cried for the washing and the blotting out. You see our God has the power to blot out our sins. Others might not forget or forgive but our God throws them away. He removes the stain cursed with the dripping of our sin. David understood that His God was not the figure he made up in  his mind or someone based off of his religious views. He realized that God, our God, is a living Being who is perfect and true. David knew that when he fell down at the mercy seat of God that He was falling down before a real and just God.  He took God's commandments seriously and did not excuse himself from them. He did not try to manipulate them. They were God's commandments and that was it. How can you argue with the Living God who is perfect and true?

 King David realized that His sins separates him from God's spirit. Having been close to God, David saw the absence from God's presence as the greatest lost of His life. He could not stand to be separated from His God because of his selfish sin.

In today society, many people would be calling for the death penalty for King David. He committed adultery with another man's wife and had her husband murdered.  Many in society esteem some acts worse than others. In the eyes of the Lord,  a man who commits murder is no different than a man who hates another. In the Lord's eyes, a man committing fornication is no different than a man  lusting over pornography.  We all need the covering of Jesus' sacrificial blood.

I feel like the Apostle Paul sometimes.

Romans 7:22-25  For I delight in the law of God after the inward man:  (23)  But I see another law in my members, warring against the law of my mind, and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members.  (24)  O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death?  (25)  I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. So then with the mind I myself serve the law of God; but with the flesh the law of sin.

I delight in the things of God when it comes to my spirit. There are times in the middle of the night or when I am waking up my spirit man is crying out for the things of God. I arise speaking in tongues and calling on His name. But my flesh, but my ole wretched flesh, my wicked, wicked flesh fights or wars to sin. It is a war and one only my God can win within me. My flesh likes the taste of sin. Did you know that Sin has a taste? Once it is tasted, for some sins, your flesh wants to run back for more. But I know I can't for it is hurting the Lord. It is hurting my greatest love and in some cases the ones that I care deeply about. Like Paul, I know to do right within me but I still do wrong. Paul the Apostle, declared himself as a wretched man and so do I. If I wish to succumb to my evil thoughts and desires I have, I probably would be in a different place right now. Like any person, sometimes those thoughts and desires are so strong. But my God is stronger!!!

I desperately need a savior for my life!!!!!

I was thinking the other day and even more so today. When was the last time I just fell on my knees and cried out to my Lord? When was the last time I came to Him for a true cleansing? I believe, at times, have thought I was holy by default. This is farthest from the truth. What Jesus did on the Cross for us can not be taken likely and I have at times. I have hurt my God and even others. For this I am deeply sorry. I throw myself at the mercy seat of my God.  I have taken for granted, at times, His love for me. I have taken for granted His grace.

As a believer, does it mean because we fail at times that we can not present God's word to others? Of course not, in fact it qualifies us even more because we can demonstrate God's loving forgiveness.  I think where I have messed up at times, as do many Christians, is that we forget about what God has delivered us from. We obtain this holy pride that is not from the Lord. We should never forget what God has forgiven us from. Before I came to Christ, I was an agnostic. I believe there was this supreme being but could care less about serving Him. I even cursed at God before. I was a GOOD person so why did I need some God in my life. I especially did not see the need to have this JESUS fellow come in my heart. How could he fit in there anyway? LOL!!!  I was totally wrong and had to come face to face with my sinful nature. I am coming face to face with my sinful nature even now.  It has been 25 years since my life changing experience with Jesus. Now, 25 years later, I am face with my humanity even more. I have been delivered from so much but it is a process. Salvation is a process. My God is patient and works on us through out our lives. I stand in front of the mirror and don't like what I see. Parts are starting to morph into the image of Christ but much is still me. Oh Lord take out the me and replace it with you.

My Prayer:
My God I have been a fool at times. I have come face to face with my own religion. I realize that my religion could never please you. I realize you are looking for broken and contrite people. There are times, oh God, that I took my wisdom over yours. I am deeply sorry my King. There are times , oh Lord, that I have stepped in front of what you wanted to do in my life. I have become a hindrance instead of a follower of you. There are times where I have put undue expectations on my family and others. For this I am deeply sorry my Lord. My God sometimes I have fallen prey to my own lusts and have booted you to the curb. Oh God . please forgive me. Forgive me for the times where I thought I knew better than you. Forgive me for the times where I tasted the joy of sin and refused to taste and see that you are better. Oh God forgive me for the times I have hurt others either unintentionally or intentionally. Sometimes I can't see my own actions because my pride was too big or my religion was too great. Father forgive me for the times where I have used my position in you for selfish motives. Forgive me for how  I treat you and others sometimes. Forgive me for my lack of empathy and for my deepest , darkest sins. Reveal all my sins to me Lord so I may not hurt you and others any more. My desire is not for myself but for you and others. Help me to live my life without the constant control of sin. Overcome my unrighteous desires and allow me to have the strength to overcome all temptations. Deliver me from ME and restore me unto you. Please take not your Holy Spirit from me and never let my pride and religion prevent me from seeing your truth. When I speak to others let it be through your love and compassion for others. Let it not be through religious mindsets or self righteous pride. Let me stand for your truth regardless of what is going on around in my life. Help me to where others only see you in my life and can not find fault in me because I no longer exist. Let me lose myself in you and don't let me be too heavenly minded to be no earthly good. Let me treat others with kindness and gentleness. Teach me to walk in your patience. Help me to follow after all your ways. Please don't let me pick and choose in your word but let the whole of your word be consistent in my life. Let me not forget how great and awesome you are. There are times oh God that I have forgotten about your power. I have forgotten about your greatness. There are times where I have taken advantage of your love for me. There are times where I have disrespected you by my actions against you. Help me to see that my sin is against your ways and your ways are better for me. Sometimes I have forgotten that your ways are better for me. Oh God I need you and desire you. Your ways are better for me. Your ways are better for all. Oh God I need you and desire you more than life itself. Please help me to see life through your eyes and not through my selfish eyes. Please allow me to let you heal my hurt and pain. Please help me to allow you to take control over my life because you know better for me. Please let the man in mirror change more into your image. Oh living God. I desire you. Please heal my family. Please heal my relationships with others. Please overcome the enemy that desires to destroy families and friendships.  You have overcome the enemy through the cross and resurrection. The enemy can not win for you are the living God who is mighty over all. Please let me not forget my authority and power in you. Please help me to remember your loving kindness and make sure I show it to others. My God I love you and need you more and more. I lay myself at your mercy seat and I cry out to you. Oh mighty God I cry out to you and know that you are the God that hears my cries. I love you my Father.  AMEN!!!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

His Eyes upon me

1 Peter 3:12  The Lord's eyes are on those who do what he approves. His ears hear their prayer. The Lord confronts those who do evil."

What does God see when he is looking down on me?
What does He hear when I lift up a word of prayer?
Does He see a man bound to his  own deception
Or does He see a son delivered from the world's destruction?
Does He look upon me with love and grace?
Or Does He find sin written on my face?
Does He desire to come and hold me tight?
Does He desire to share His loving might?
What does He hear when my words are lifted up to Him?
Does He hear self-centered prayers and cover-ups of Sin?
Are my words enshrouded with His wisdom and understanding?
Do my prayers lack the needed Spirit leading?
Oh that I may see as He sees.
Oh that I may hear as He hears.
Oh that I may align my heart with His.
Oh that I may fall before His mercy.
He sees me in the midst of my struggles and in the midst of my victories.
He hears me crying in the night for those I love and for those I have never met.
His love is more than I could ever know and comprehend.
His grace is more than I deserve and apprehend.
Oh God come and look upon me with your eyes of truth and love.
Oh God come and hear my words as they rise like a dove.
Embellish me with your covering of grace.
And let me look upon your lovely face.

Monday, May 2, 2011

I'll Wait for you

Psalms 5:3  In the morning, O LORD, hear my voice. In the morning I lay my needs in front of you, and I wait.

Waiting on God is sometimes hard for most of us. We like everything to be quick and painless. Our impatient acts are due to the desire to control. When we leave some need before the Lord; we are relinquishing our power over the situation. We  are now trusting in someone we can not see but through faith believe He is there.

On June 6, 1944, 160,000 Allied troops landed on a German Fortified beach located on a 50 mile stretch of Normandy , France's coast line. It was the largest amphibious assault known to man. We know this assault to be called D-day. Did you know that there were only a few days within the month that the weather conditions were good enough for the assault? This great attack had to patiently wait for the right time in order to have complete victory. In fact General Dwight Eisenhower said that they would except nothing less but complete victory. June 5 was going to be the day but the weather was not cooperating. General Eisenhower settled for June 6. They almost cancelled the whole thing but it would be another month before they could attack again. June 6 had a full moon which would help with the night invasion. General Eisenhower decided on this date to proceed with the invasion. His patience and ability to see the predicted outcome of a situation turned out to be the right time. The soldiers stormed the Normandy beaches and overcame the German forces. During the invasion, most of the German officers and think tanks were not even with their troops during the invasion. The German forces were comfortable and relaxed. They believed that there would be no way the Allied forces would invade during this time. Their over confidence proved to be disastrous. If the allied forces would have waited another month or invaded a month earlier, you and I would be in a different world right now. A world where the Nazi's controlled 2/3rds of the world and the possible eradication of all Jews.  It is important to simply wait.

Many believers miss out on what God is doing because they refuse to wait. Some believers get in God's way because of impatience and end up hindering what God is trying to do.  David came to the understanding that God was His only hope and it paid to simply wait on Him. David would leave his needs at the alter of the living God and he would stay kneeling there until God came through.  How much more would we see happen if we simply waited on the Lord? What would happen if we stepped out of the way and just trusted the Lord to come through? I know I have some needs that I am believing the Lord for. I am waiting for Him to deliver and to reveal the truth into the situations I am facing. I know that He is my only hope. What about you?  Are you waiting on the Lord? There is a right time for everything and we must wait on Him.  He will come through for I have seen Him do it time and time again.

Love you all,