Monday, April 18, 2011

Organic Church

Acts9:31 Then the church throughout Judea, Galilee, and Samaria had peace. The number of people increased as people lived in the fear of the Lord and the comfort of the Holy Spirit.

Nine out of ten adults have or know at least one Christian in their circle of friends. Truth be known very few people have come to Christ from a TV show or by a well know evangelists. Although the Christian TV and large Evangelists tell you that they have led millions to Christ, one on one Evangelism is still the number one way to reach the lost. Why is that?

Jesus intended for the church to be relational. The greatest two commandments that we need to live by are both relational. Relational with the Father and relational with each other.

The Church is way past due in changing the way she operates. 9 out of 10 young adults believe they can have a relationship with the Lord without going to church. This is not good. The Church has become an internal and unrelational establishment. Now on the inside the church is fine with each other but think about how a new person is treated when he or she enters in. Local churches are great at doing things for the community but they do so with a stipulation. The message does not always fit the actions they are performing. The church, in some circles, has become less organic and more synthetic. We have kicked out the true relationships and made up superficial ones. This should not be. The church will never win the lost behind closed doors. We must be willing to go into the trenches and reach the lost that way.
In 2004, I had the privilege of visiting Australia. One my return trip home; I was seated next to an Australian woman who was flying to the states on business. She was a small evenly shaped woman who seemed to be soft to the eyes to look upon. She kind of looked like the actress Sandy Duncan. She was a polite lady who asked a few questions about my life as did I to her. When I got to the point of the conversation of telling her why I was in Australia; she blurted out that she was a Dike. (Lesbian for those who don’t know what a Dike is?) I looked at her and said Ok and commenced on talking. I believe she was looking for some Christian response about her going to hell and so forth. I kept on talking to her and listening to her about her job and life. Hey we had a 15 hour flight together!!!! Towards the end of our flight, she thanked me for our conversation and for treating her as a person. She said that I gave her a lot to think about and that was it. I never saw her again but I made a lasting impression on her. During our conversation on the plane, she listened to my biblical belief on homosexuality and sin in general. She did not get offended because I treated her like a person and allowed her to give her opinion as well. I was polite to her and our whole conversation did not evolve around quoting scripture. I got into her heart by hearing about her family and business life. She had a soft spoke sense of humor which was refreshing to be around. She was not in her present state of sin because she came from an abusive family or someone molested her when she was young. In fact, she hated hearing comments like that. By the end of our conversation, she told me that deep down she knew she was in sin but it was the choice she was making at time. She also told me that my kindness and willingness to treat her like a person gave her a different view on Christians and the message of Jesus. Ladies and gentlemen, the gospel is carried on the strong backs of those who desire to be relational with the people around them.
I don’t know where this woman is today nor do I know if she ever surrendered her heart to Christ, but I do believe she has not forgotten a true demonstration of Christian kindness and love. My mission trip to Australia was not just landing in the country and preaching at a church. It was up in the air on a plane heading back to the states. It was in the secular world not the Christian world that we have created among ourselves. Church is meant to be in the secular world lighting the path. A City on the hill is better seen than a city in valley. Our light can never shine in the darkness if we stay away from the darkness.
The Organic church is real and breathing. It is alive to the world and influences the world around them. Church is two or three gathered together in the Name of the living Lord Jesus. Church is not a hidden under a basket waiting for someone to come along and uncover her beauty. Church is more than going on Sunday, listening to a few songs, and listening to a nice three four point sermon. While we sit in our comfortable pews the world around us is still moving and operating. They are still shopping, going over friends houses, going out to eat, meeting at a coffee shop, driving to lake or the beach, working on a project at home, or simply relaxing with their families. The world is still happening around us. Now this is not a message for or against the church in the building or the house church. This is a message about challenging us to think outside the box and about rethinking our “Church” mentality for today’s world.

What is the organic church?
1. People who are first and foremost passionate about their relationship with the Living God. Their whole being is to please and server the living God. Their whole desire is to have a strong relationship with the Lord.
2. People who are passionate about building relationships with their families, friends, and coworkers.
3. People who desire to spread the gospel based on their relationships with the Lord.
4. People who don’t get caught up in programs or superficial ways of doing church.
5. People who desire to make the message of Jesus real and organic to the world around them.
The church of the living God must be made organic by believers who are passionate about relationships with each other and with those in the secular world. Today make the church organic.
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