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Mainstream Christianity by Alberto Espalgo

Bro Johnny

The last part of the 1st century A.D. when the true sents and witnesses even
the apostles have already died in the flesh, this is also the time when the so
called mainstream Christianity started to come into the picture. The faithful
followers of the apostles at that time were not as many compared to the
followers of Judas Isacariot, Diotrephes, Hymaneus, Philetus, Germogenens,
alexander the copper smith and other brute beasts ministers of satan. These
people were the one's involved fighting against the doctrines of the apostles.
They were blasphemers and despisers to the Words and authority of the real
witnesses of God.

These brute beasts were at first mentioned by the three notable witnesses of
Christ, such as Peter, Paul and John in their respective letters. That after
their death, these wolves which are also among them will make havoc and will
turn many brethren from faith to follow their fables and pernicious ways.

At the last part of the 1st century, started the various fables and dogmas
invented by these beasts which are contrary to the teachings of the apostles.
From that time on, the pure Gospel or the unleavened doctrine of
the apostles were willfully set aside. It is for sure that the 2nd century so
called church fathers were converts of the these beasts and wolves, such as
Tertullian, Sabelius Arius, Policarp of Antioch etc.

But the start of the propagation of these fables and dogmas made by these beasts
worldwide started in 3rd century A.D. At this time the pure Gospel was not heard or witnessed, because the leavened gospel was at its peak, that even the
religious and political authorities at that time were instrumentals in
propagating those dogmas from sea to sea and land to land.

The mainstream Christianity now for sure is not the product of the pure Gospel
of Christ but from the faithful converts of the blasphemers in the last part of
the 1st century. Though they differ in groups name and differ in some rituals
and ceremonies, or bylaws, still they are one in mind and spirit. Meaning, all
of them have come out from the stewardship authority of the apostles. They all
loved to have the preeminence above the others. Instead of being a fellow
believers by the pure Gospel in the Church of the Living God, which is
ministered of by the apostles through their letters. These groups have built
their own Kingdoms and churches. They put their own so called apostles or self
made witnesses to rule over them.

They even addressed their leader as his holiness or most reverend or head
bishop, putting their leaders feet on the shoes of the Real Christ, which is the

real Head and leader of the Church. Their leaders is believed by their members
to be in the same category with the apostles of the Lord. As if they were there
when the last supper took place, as if they were there when Christ was
crucified, as if they were there when The Lord was risen from the dead.

While the real Christ came to serve, their leaders are served, they lived in a
very convenient and comfortable living. Instead of being vessels for the Truth,
they became sellers of the Truth. Instead of bringing their converts to the feet
of Christ, they bring them to the feet of their leaders and to the doors of
their groups. Instead of bringing their converts to the teachings of the pure
Gospel, they bring them to their fables and dogmas. Then their converts are
beguiled and made to believed that they are now in the Church of the Living God.

But in Truth and in fact, they are just brought to their groups, and once their
converts come out from them, that person had to believed that he is now an
infidel or a lost soul.

The World now which majority of people are in these various groups they belong,
is the main proof that the teachings they have eaten is not the doctrine of the
apostles, but from the fake christs preached upon by their fake apostles and
prophets. What they globally practiced is partiality, fraud, deceit, hypocrisy,
murder, lies and other worms that does not die.

So now we can boldly say that the Real Christ has nothing to do with the
troubles and strifes dominating these ungodly generation that lies in
wickedness. From the highest to the lowest, from the mighty to the weak, from
the rich to the poor, from the educated to the idiots are all victims of these
fake christs.

Now the real treasure which is the Pure and Unleavened Gospel is truly hard to
find, for many have been made to believed that they have already find that
treasure, so that many are no longer that hungry or thirsty in searching that
pure Gospel. Their minds are now blinded by their dogmas that it is impossible
for them to see that treasure. They have ears but they cant understand, they
have eyes but they cant behold.

But only few has yet that guts and real hunger for the real Fear of the Lord,
for until now the Good Lord is also seeking those who are truly seeking for Him.

Only a real hunger for the things of God can bring a man where that treasure is
to be found. it is not found by the favor of many, or by money, or by social
status, or by wisdom of this world, but by a real hunger and thirst in the heart

and soul.

The bible said, many that are first will be last, and the last will be first.
Yes it was and until the fake gospel and fake christs is globally received, it
was the first to be spread worldwide. But to be first globally spread has
nothing to do being the Truth and real. For it is always in the end that the
Truth triumphed and prevails.

We are truly now in the very last days, search and seek Him now, not later on or
tomorrow while He may be found. Come out from the spiritual bondage caused by
these fake groups, escape with so much haste without looking back. Purchase a
bible now, for only in that book you can go back to the real and pure Gospel of
God testified by the apostles of the Lord. Read their letters with much hunger,
then you will be filled with the Real Wisdom from Above, and you will be
cleansed from all the leavened teachings from your former group.

Never waver or be afraid of what many will say to you, your soul, your life
and eternity is at stake here.

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Bro Alberto Esplago
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