Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Expecting Greatness

"Expect great things from God,
attempt great things for God" by William Carey

William Carey was missionary to India. He first arrived in India during the year of 1793. He was kind of a renaissance man and affected India greatly with the word of God. Below were some of his struggles.

1. First off, William was an improvised shoemaker who lived in England. Surely nothing would come out of such a small insignificant man?
2. He became a Baptist preacher and preached a few years in different churches until he felt the call to go to India.
3. He moved to India but not without a price. His father labeled him “Mad" and his first wife refused to go. She and the four kids did go nonetheless.
4. His arrival to India was met with challenges. He had to take a job at an Indigo Factory for awhile.
5. His five year old Peter died in 1794 which caused much derangement to his wife.
6. He started a church in Malda which drew people in but only four Englishmen made up the congregation. He found himself at a crossroads.
7. William went to Serampore to help with a mission start there. It was a Danish settlement near Calcutta. Carey and his co-workers, Joshua Marshman and William Ward, known as the Serampore Trio, would become one of the most famous missionary teams in history.
8. The Serampore mission was met with great fruit and success by the Lord. Unfortunately in 1807 William's first wife died.
9. William was a translator and worked hard to translate national secular books and the world of God into the different languages.
10. In 1812, his translation work was burned to the ground and he had to start all over again.
11. Carey also had to endure unjust and unbalanced criticisms from young new missionaries who actually split from the Serampore Mission.
12. He endured slanderous accusations from the Mission Society in England
13. As well as an earthquake and a flood.
14. One of his sons Felix, also caused much embarrassment when he backslid, adopted a lavish/altering lifestyle and began drinking heavily. Ultimately Felix came back to the Lord and became fully committed to the mission.

His accomplishments in India.( clips taken from http://www.frontline.org.za/articles/whatdifference_onemake.htm)

1. Translated biblical material to the local languages and dialects.
2. Start the first Newspaper for the languages of Serampore area.
3. Carey was the first man to stand up against the brutal murders and widespread oppression of women through female infanticide, child marriage, polygamy, enforced female illiteracy, widow burning and forced euthanasia.
4. He under minded the oppression and exploitation of women by providing women with education. He opened the first schools for girls.
5. Carey was also the first man who led the campaign for a humane treatment for leprosy and ended the practice of burning them alive.
6. Carey introduced the idea of Savings Banks to India and made investment, industry, commerce and economic development possible
7. He founded the Agric – Horticultural Society in the 1820’s (30 years before the Royal Agricultural Society was established in England)
8. He introduced the steam engine to India.
9. He pioneered the idea of lending libraries in India. He persuaded his friends in England to ship out tons of books to regenerate and reform India.
10. William Carey was also the father of print technology in India. He introduced the modern science of printing, built what was then the largest printing press in India and devised the fonts.
11. He started a college.
12. He started one of the first churches there that allowed local Indians to attend.

God used this one man to make a difference and pave the way for others to follow. During his life time, he was not always seen as great by others. This did not stop William Carey from following his Lord to the ends of the Earth. What is God calling you to do? What are willing to do to see it happen? Maybe everyone is not on board in your family or in your circle of relationships. What do you do? William could have stayed behind in England and never left for India but what would have happen then? Who knows? The key is that we must be open to our Lord and EXPECT GREATNESS. God desires to do great things in us not just in the preaching of the Gospel. If we are truly preaching the Gospel, then we are changing the world around us in all areas. William Carey ministered to the Body, Soul, and Spirit of mankind, so did Jesus. We have to be willing to world changers. Look at your life today. What do you want to be doing for the Lord the next 5 years from now?

Live by this Verse.

Ephesians 1:19 you will also know the unlimited greatness of his power as it works with might and strength for us, the believers.

Expect Greatness today!!!

Johnny Mengarelli
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