Monday, April 25, 2011

Counterfeit by Alberto Esplago


Looking outwardly the total picture of Roman Catholicism will tell us that she 
is the appointed people of God. With out searching her inward person you will 
conclude that outside from her is blindness and ignorance. Looking at her in the 

outside makes you feel she has no want of anything under the sun. If blessing 
and wealth is measured by the things in this life she possessed, then she is 
really filled with the blessedness that comes from God.

But the catholic encyclopedia and other books owned and written 
by catholic authorities, will give us the real view of who really she is. But 
the contents of this books were not really taught to the many of her followers 
since then. it is concealed until now all about her real person. Since her 
existence way back from 3rd century A.D. until now, only to the few faithful and 
die hards to her are her story being told, but to the many catholics worldwide, 
they followed without knowing what is Catholicism and its doctrines. Many 
catholics even don't know what is meant by the word catholic.

The popes, cardinals, bishops and priests often talk about morality, peace and 
decency, but diligently reading their own books, will give us some doubts 
whether she has all these qualities she globally enjoy to talk. Based on their 
books, Catholicism which was and until now the religious face of then roman 
empire and now the modern Europe, was not really formed or built to be a tool 
for Gospel Evangelism worldwide to bring many to the feet of Christ, but to use 
the Word of God in colonizing other nations. as we can see now, Europe dominates 

and controls many things essential for human needs. Politics, religion, economy 
and financial cartel, and even culture are all in his hands. I remember in the 
time of our Lord when He came in the flesh, it was already the roman empire who 
rules the world even until now. 

In the history book, Rome is even called the eternal city, the seat of religion 
in Europe, where all the pope's appointed came from various nations of this 
continent. That is why she is called Roman Catholic, though many catholics are 
not Romans or Europeans, but the minds of many worldwide are subservient to the 
roman catholic group. 

Some of the mind boggling in the catholic dogmas and practices that are foreign 
to the bible are these. They teaches to make graven images then they sell it, 
then they worship it, though they deny that they worship them, it is their books 

that says 

the opposite. They practice what God really hates, Idolatry is one of their 
cardinal teaching. Another fact about this group is that, In the time of the 
inquisition from 9th to 13 century until the 

later part of 17th century, it is said that almost 50 million people were 
murdered by the instructions of the popes. There were 8 popes that were listed 
as atheists 

according to their books,  many of the popes chosen were either murderers, 
rapists, robbers and adulterers. Here in the Philippines alone, the catholic 
members were not allowed to read the bible in the 17th century, for it was only 
authorized for the priests to do.There was a certain Pope sergius the 3rd, who 
cant sleep at night without first raping a woman. Another heresy we should learn 

from them is this, They claimed that Peter the 

apostle was their first pope, how can Peter be their first pope when catholic 
group only came to the picture in 3rd century, while Peter died in the 1st 
century. They also claimed that their group is the Church of God mentioned in 
the bible. If so, why did the catholic group practiced calling their leader 
as pope or father, when it is not permitted by Christ to call anyone father 
among the brethren, for there is only one Father which is in heaven. They even 
enjoy calling the pope his holiness, while cardinals are called his imminence, 
while bishops are addressed as most reverend and the priest are called father. 
In the bible those titles are fit and worthy only for God.

They practiced mandatory celibacy or abstinence from marriage, their reason is 
that, they are required to give full time in watching for the flock and for the 
ministry of the Word and of prayer. If so, why are the bishops and cardinals 
are appointed as chairmen or president to the catholic owned hospitals, banks, 
universities and other catholic own businesses? is that they called full time 
ministry? Celibacy is a lie, it is not a precept of God. If Peter was their 
first pope, Peter has a wife, so Peter cannot be their first pope.

I would ask forgiveness from a priest if i have done wrong against him, but how 
can I ask forgiveness or make confession to him about my sin and life, when it 
has nothing to do with him, is he a God? is he the Christ? Is he the mediator 
between God and man? Mary is taught by them as the mother of God, Is she the 
Husband of God the Father? How can a finite being be a wife to an infinite 
supreme being? They also teaches that she is also a mediatrix between God and 
man, That is an insult to Christ, Christ is the only Mediator between God and 
man. Mary has been dead long time ago to be able for her to mediate, she is not 
a God to exist forever. They also teach that Mary was still virgin even after 

birth of Christ, this is gross ignorance of the bible. Christ has brothers and 
sisters born of Mary, Mary was only virgin until Christ was born.

Catholics practiced the literal and physical feet washing and breaking of bread, 

the apostles and the believers practiced that literal feet washing and literal 
breaking of bread? what is in the bible is that, they have done it in spiritual 

The catholics ever since defended the doctrine of the holy trinity, which the 
three according to them are co-equal, How can they be equal when only the Son 
have died, how can they be equal when the Son himself declared that the Father 
is greater than Him. How can be the Father be equal to the Holy Ghost and to the 

Son, when the two came only and proceeds from the Father.

Going back to the issue of morality, peace and decency, how come that majority 
that are in prisons or correctional are catholics? How come that syndicates, 
fraternities, gangs, smugglers, robbers, murderers are almost all catholics. How 

come that almost all the catholic schools does not permit non- catholic 
students? How come that celibacy is strictly enforced, but priests bishops and 
cardinals have families they secretly nourished?

But the one of the most disturbing is that, every where the pope travel from 
nation to nation, he is not required to have passport and visa, and the 
president or king or prime minister of that country he visits will bow down to 
him and kiss his ring? Is he the king of the kings of the earth? What a power, 
what an influence, what an honor. Is she that mystery Babylon or the mother of 
harlots mentioned in the bible, who owns that number 666? there must be a hidden 

reason for that majestic and glorious kind of reception. 

Another very disturbing in the this group is that, so much partiality and 
favoritism has been long time ago tolerated in their midst, those front seats in 

their churches are reserved only for their well to do members.

Another nerve breaking practice of this group is praying in public places with 
much vain repetition prayers they gladly do before men, while Christ commands 
his disciples to pray in the closet, what a men's pleaser's.

But the most intriguing from this group is that, some of the portions in the 
books of st, liquor and st. Thomas Aquinas in which these two personalities are 

respected men in the catholic authorities, they said that gambling, theft, 
lying, drunkenness and prostitution are not really that immoral, but it has a 
situational significance once in a while. Not surprising that catholics received 

money from illegal or legal means, though not all legal are moral. No wonder 
they are not as vocal about the sin of theft, gambling, prostitution, 
drunkenness, for priests, bishops and cardinals often visits to these various 

But the worst from all of this is that, Protestants, baptists, Pentecostals and 
other major religious groups worldwide though they differ in names, rituals and 
ceremonies, yet they have one in mind with the catholics, they all want to be 
above from the 

others. They all claimed to be the real people of God. They covet honor and 
glory that is given from men, they all use the Truth for their social status, 
they are all sellers of Truth than vessels for the Truth. How can you talk that 
murder is a grave sin, when this group has murdered millions since the 3rd 
century up to the 17th century in contending their group, any opposition or 
disagreements from their dogmas will received brutal consequences on those times 

mentioned, without any respect of due process. Now they appear as if they are 
the human rights advocates, what a deep hypocrisy and lie.

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Bro Alberto Esplago
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