Monday, March 21, 2011

Commanded to have Relationships

John 13:34-35  "I'm giving you a new commandment: Love each other in the same way that I have loved you.  (35)  Everyone will know that you are my disciples because of your love for each other."

Jesus gave one of the greatest commandments to his disciples before he left the planet. It is a commandment that is still for us to follow today. " LOVE EACH OTHER IN THE SAME WAY THAT I HAVE LOVED YOU."  How did Jesus love us?

1. He passionately laid down His life for us.
2. He spoke the words of truth to us.
3. He prays for us.
4. He spends time with us.

Jesus knew  the church could only survive by the strong relationships we keep and build. This commandment is one of relationships. Oh did I failed to say it is a COMMANDMENT. You know one of those little moral directional things that come from God. One of those oracles that we MUST DO and OBEY.

Why is it that we fail in the body of Christ in the area of relationships? What would church look like if everyone was as passionate about building relationships as Jesus was? What would it look like if everyone discovered that building relationships is a commandment and vital to the survival of the Body of Christ?

Now obviously , we can not build relationships with everyone in the world, but in our sphere of friends and family we should be obedient.  We also need to be open to the Lord because he puts people in our paths that we are supposed to build with. Sometimes we are too busy to even do that.

I have people tell me. " Oh you are my fathering spirit. Oh I want to keep in touch with you." And they never call or desire to build REALationships. They have broken two commandments. 1. They lied. 2. The commandment on relationships. 

SIDE NOTE:I am pursuing a person for a fathering type of relationship. I call him the most because of the nature of what is taking place. If you are looking to someone to be  your mentor. You pursue them and keep the relationship going.

Relationship building is a two way street. We need to communicate with each other. It is hard when you are in different countries but it is possible to have strong relationships. Think about it. Paul the apostle had strong relationships with the body of Christ and he did it without telephones, email, and video conferencing.  We have more things at our disposal today that allows us to keep in touch and build relationships. The world will be touched by the power of our Lord when they see believers passionately loving each other and standing by each other no matter what.

So how many times have you broke this commandment? I have seen the lack of relationships destroy a church. I have the seen the selfishness of a few destroy a whole work of the Lord.  In the State I live in, people are very stand offish. Many only want to communicate with their immediate families and have some friends on the side. Americans are notorious for having shallow relationships. Relationship building takes time. It takes effort. It takes sacrifice. But the rewards are great and stupendous.  Jesus said the world will know that we are his disciples by the strength of our relationships among each other.

What hinders us from OBEYING CHRIST in regards to this COMMANDMENT?

1. Selfishness ( Everyone thinks they are more busy than the other person.)
2. Laziness  ( Because we think we are so busy we just don't try or bother with it.)
3. Childishness ( I call him or her all the time and they never call me.)
4. Demonic ( Satan does not want us to have strong relationships.)
5. Rebellion ( This is what you call it when you don't obey the commands of the Lord.)

Building and communicating in relationships is more than an email or a letter. Like I said it is sacrificial. People from other countries can call my phone just as good as I can call theirs. There is skype and other free forms of communication that can be used. We can all stay connected if we are willing to.

How do we build relationships?

1. First off repent for not obeying the command of the Lord.
2. Use every form of communication in today's world to build with those God has called you to connect too.
3. Come to the understanding that NOTHING. I mean NOTHING is more important that the relationships we keep. If you are too busy then don't cut our relationships cut out what is making you busy. If it is your job then cut back on the hours our find another job. Seriously, Relationships are that IMPORTANT. Jesus thought so and so do I.  The most of time, however, it is not the job it is our lack of planning and organization.
4. Don't let selfish people hinder you from building relationships with others.

Well I got to go for now. I have to get off of this computer, clean up my house, and go meet a friend for coffee. Do I have the time , no, but I am making the time for it because I am committed to building relationships. What about you?


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