Sunday, March 27, 2011


Have you ever wondered if you make a difference in this world? Or what is your place in this world? Do you think that you are an important person on this planet? Do you believe that your actions not only effect you but other people around. Even people that you might never meet in your life time?

Your life is simply a link that is connected to other links which make up the lives of many around the world. You and I can effect others whether we realize it or not. YES your life is just that Significant!!!!!

The book of Jeremiah gives us a look into our significance to God. He created us with a purpose. He created us with a reason.

Jeremiah 1:4-5 The LORD spoke his word to me, (5) "Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. Before you were born, I set you apart for my holy purpose. I appointed you to be a prophet to the nations."

Jeremiah got a revelation from the living God that day. God spoke to him and declared Jeremiah's significance. Ladies and Gentlemen, God is speaking to you today about your significance. The smallest baby to the oldest person has a significance. Everything on the planet has a significance regardless of its size or shape. Think of a lighting bug. I remember as a kid spending much of the night catching lighting bugs and putting them in a jar. It was a favorite summer time event. God created the lighting bug to amaze us and to activate our imagination. On the other hand, lighting bugs along with other insects are used to pollinate flowers on our plant. They might be on the bottom of the food chain but if there were no lighting bugs or insects at all life on the planet would cease to exists. Insects are just that significant!!!! AND SO ARE YOU!!!!!

What about your significance? Do you have someone or someones that have affected your life positively or negatively? How about you? Are you aware of the lives around you that you have effected?

It 1964 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was awarded the the Noble Prize for his efforts in equal rights. Martin Luther King Jr. was a simple man and was an ordinary man who saw a need and decided to be a force of change. His efforts some 40 years ago paved the way for my Nation to have a Black man as President. Many would say that due to Martin Luther King's efforts our world is a different place. I would agree but is his significance unique and left without influence? Does our significance get touched by someone else's significance? In other words, your significance is never developed in a test tube but is influenced by someone Else's significance. Henceforth, WE NEED EACH OTHER!!!!!

Do you know that there was one person that sparked Martin Luther King's marches for freedom. She was a little black lady named Rosa Parks who decided one day to sit at the front of the bus because her feet were tired. . Back during the day it was against the law for black people to sit in the front. She was a normal lady who decided to make a difference with her significance. She did not realize that her actions would spark the greatest civil rights movement that the world has ever seen. But does Rosa Park get all the credit for Racial Freedom in our world today? Was her significance tainted by the significance of another person? Rosa Parks parents were her greatest influence.

James and Leona McCauley ( Rosa Parks parents), inspired and influenced her. They taught her that all people are the same, and should be treated that way.

Rosa Parks grandparents were slaves while they were young. They instilled into their children the value that everyone deserves to be treated the same. They taught them that no one should be a slave. Her grandfather protected the family from the Klans men, who would come into the night and take people to hang them or kill them.

The list could go on. Everyone remembers Martin Luther King Jr's name and some remember Rosa McCauley Parks name, but does everyone remember James and Leona McCauley ( Leona was a AME preach by the way) Does anyone remember Rosa Parks parents who played an important role in her life? The point I am making is that every life has a significance. Maybe you will not have your name in the History books with bold letters but your importance will still exists. You never know when your significance is influencing someone Else's significance. If Rosa parks grandparents had died as slaves or by the hands of some Klan's man then there might not have been a CIVIL RIGHT MOVEMENT IN MY NATION AND IN THE WORLD.

We can take this a step further. God has called you by His name whether you are living for Him right now or not. If you are still waddling in your sin, He is just waiting for you to come to Him. Then He will set your true destiny into motion. If you are passionately following the Lord, then God is calling you out right now. He is telling you to rise up and fulfill the destiny he has for you. There are lives hanging in the balance and your SIGNIFICANCE must influence them. It must shine upon them. Your SIGNIFICANCE could help produce the next Great President of American. Your SIGNIFICANCE could help produce the next great Scientist who comes up with a way to save people from Cancer. Your SIGNIFICANCE could help produce the next great Minister who leads thousands to Christ. The list goes on. You are not INSIGNIFICANT God did not make you or I that way.

I get letters from people I had no idea I influenced throughout the years. There was a letter the other day from a young man who thanked me for ministering to him and showing him how to stand up for the things of Christ. I honestly did not fully remember him but he told me the story of how I influenced his life some 15 years ago. He is now a senior pastor of a church. How amazing in that? When I read that letter, I just wept and worshiped the living God. To Him be all the glory.

When you and I refuse to step into our Destiny then we are altering time around us. I firmly believe that. You are hindering what could have been versus what is now. The more you stay away from God's true calling for your life more you are altering time around you and hindering the lives of others. Once again we are connected around the world. Your positive influence could become a negative influence if you are not careful. God has a purpose for us all and desires for us to walk in it.

Did you know that my great grand mother, on my mom's side, taught Sunday school for over 50 years. That might not seem so significant but she taught it in the Church of God church , a pentecostal church. My great grandparents lived the Holy spirit filled life during the time when Main stream denominations were preaching against it and against the speaking of tongues. That is powerful. My grandmother, on my dad's side, told me of story of our distant relatives. One relative had a steam ship which went up the Mississippi river back in the days of slavery. My distant relative would carry slaves to freedom by sailing them to the North of the United States and giving many Slaves the freedom they well deserved.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, ( I AM CRYING AS I AM WRITING THIS.) YOU HAVE A SIGNIFICANCE. Don't waste your life on sinful desires and corruption. Don't waste your life on self-pity and hate. Don't step away from knowing the Lord God and serving Him. Through Him will your true destiny flow. Don't let your life be so busy and so consumed by things that your true SIGNIFICANCE never flows out. Don't let your actions effect others negatively because they can.

You are and can make a difference!!!!!

I love you all greatly.

Johnny J. Mengarelli III

Thursday, March 24, 2011

" Let Nothing Stop you"

Let Nothing stop you!!!!

When I was a little kid my great grandparents on my mom's side came for a visit. My grandmother drove them up from Florida for the visit. All of us kids were outside and my great grandfather came out to be with us. He stood there for a while watching us race our bikes back and forth up the gravel driveway. We would speed down the gravel drive way and quickly throw on our breaks, so we could slide. We liked seeing who could make the longest skid marks.

My great grandfather asked one of my older brothers if he could ride their bike. I remembered the look on my older brother's face. He was uncertain if he should let this old man ride his back. My great grandfather was in his 80's at the time. He was a tall,lanky and skinny man. ( I know what you are thinking. What happen to me right?)He was dressed in his Sunday clothes and wore his Derby hat. His hair was white like wool and his face shined a summer sunset.

My brother did not want great grandpa to get hurt, but this old man was persistent and took the ten speed anyway. Great granpa hopped on the bike like a young man would. He threw his long lanky legs over the seat and onto the other side. He balanced himself across the bike and squeezed the handle bars. Without saying a word, h e pushes the bike off with his right leg and off he went on the bike. He rode up and down the gravel road with a big smile on his face and laughter in his belly. He wasn't very fast but he had enough speed to make some small skid marks. We were just all amazed that this 200 year old man ( To me he was this old even though he was only in his Mid 80's) could ride a bike so eloquently. On his very last ride on the bike, he came speeding down the gravel road. I remember having this overwhelming fear that great grandpa was going to crash and get hurt. He came speeding down and he pretended that he was going to throw on the brakes like we had been doing earlier on our bike rides. He tricked us all. He simply stopped the bike, got off, patted us all on the backs, smiled at us with a sinister grin, waved us off to ride our bikes again, and walked right back inside into our house. That was it. This old man taught this young man a valuable lesson that day. He taught me how to fight and how to press forward. He taught me to let nothing stop me from achieving things in life. He taught this without ever saying a word. You see great grandpa could not hear very well so he did not talk much and when he did it sounded like the teacher on Charlie Brown.

Paul the apostle left a similar message for Timothy to follow. He told him to fight the good fight of the faith.

1 Timothy 6:12-14 Fight the good fight for the Christian faith. Take hold of everlasting life to which you were called and about which you made a good testimony in front of many witnesses. (13) In the sight of God, who gives life to everything, and in the sight of Christ Jesus, who gave a good testimony in front of Pontius Pilate, (14) I insist that, until our Lord Jesus Christ appears, you obey this command completely. Then you cannot be blamed for doing anything wrong.

He said fight the good fight of faith for the CHRISTIAN FAITH. Paul knew this was the only true faith to have and it was worth fighting for. That word fight means to accomplish something. Timothy was being commissioned by Paul to accomplish greatness for the Kingdom of God. It was the encouraging word of letting nothing stop you from achieving greatness in God.

My great grandfather did not let his age stop him from riding the bike that day. He went against the norm and got on that bike anyway. Even after we tried to stop him; he just pressed forward.

What is stopping you from achieving greatness in God? Maybe it is your sin? You know the sin that you keep making excuses for or the sin you try to convince yourself is ok. You even try to find people to agree with you, so you will TEMPORARY feel better on the inside. Maybe it is your lack of faith that is holding you back or your spiritual laziness. Maybe it is the cares of the world or your lack of time. Nonetheless, you need to realize that you have been commissioned to " LET NOTHING STOP YOU." Your a fighter and a Gladiator. You can over come and see the living God do great things.

When it comes to the things of God, we should be willing " To let Nothing stop us" from serving Him and living a life of adventure

Monday, March 21, 2011

Commanded to have Relationships

John 13:34-35  "I'm giving you a new commandment: Love each other in the same way that I have loved you.  (35)  Everyone will know that you are my disciples because of your love for each other."

Jesus gave one of the greatest commandments to his disciples before he left the planet. It is a commandment that is still for us to follow today. " LOVE EACH OTHER IN THE SAME WAY THAT I HAVE LOVED YOU."  How did Jesus love us?

1. He passionately laid down His life for us.
2. He spoke the words of truth to us.
3. He prays for us.
4. He spends time with us.

Jesus knew  the church could only survive by the strong relationships we keep and build. This commandment is one of relationships. Oh did I failed to say it is a COMMANDMENT. You know one of those little moral directional things that come from God. One of those oracles that we MUST DO and OBEY.

Why is it that we fail in the body of Christ in the area of relationships? What would church look like if everyone was as passionate about building relationships as Jesus was? What would it look like if everyone discovered that building relationships is a commandment and vital to the survival of the Body of Christ?

Now obviously , we can not build relationships with everyone in the world, but in our sphere of friends and family we should be obedient.  We also need to be open to the Lord because he puts people in our paths that we are supposed to build with. Sometimes we are too busy to even do that.

I have people tell me. " Oh you are my fathering spirit. Oh I want to keep in touch with you." And they never call or desire to build REALationships. They have broken two commandments. 1. They lied. 2. The commandment on relationships. 

SIDE NOTE:I am pursuing a person for a fathering type of relationship. I call him the most because of the nature of what is taking place. If you are looking to someone to be  your mentor. You pursue them and keep the relationship going.

Relationship building is a two way street. We need to communicate with each other. It is hard when you are in different countries but it is possible to have strong relationships. Think about it. Paul the apostle had strong relationships with the body of Christ and he did it without telephones, email, and video conferencing.  We have more things at our disposal today that allows us to keep in touch and build relationships. The world will be touched by the power of our Lord when they see believers passionately loving each other and standing by each other no matter what.

So how many times have you broke this commandment? I have seen the lack of relationships destroy a church. I have the seen the selfishness of a few destroy a whole work of the Lord.  In the State I live in, people are very stand offish. Many only want to communicate with their immediate families and have some friends on the side. Americans are notorious for having shallow relationships. Relationship building takes time. It takes effort. It takes sacrifice. But the rewards are great and stupendous.  Jesus said the world will know that we are his disciples by the strength of our relationships among each other.

What hinders us from OBEYING CHRIST in regards to this COMMANDMENT?

1. Selfishness ( Everyone thinks they are more busy than the other person.)
2. Laziness  ( Because we think we are so busy we just don't try or bother with it.)
3. Childishness ( I call him or her all the time and they never call me.)
4. Demonic ( Satan does not want us to have strong relationships.)
5. Rebellion ( This is what you call it when you don't obey the commands of the Lord.)

Building and communicating in relationships is more than an email or a letter. Like I said it is sacrificial. People from other countries can call my phone just as good as I can call theirs. There is skype and other free forms of communication that can be used. We can all stay connected if we are willing to.

How do we build relationships?

1. First off repent for not obeying the command of the Lord.
2. Use every form of communication in today's world to build with those God has called you to connect too.
3. Come to the understanding that NOTHING. I mean NOTHING is more important that the relationships we keep. If you are too busy then don't cut our relationships cut out what is making you busy. If it is your job then cut back on the hours our find another job. Seriously, Relationships are that IMPORTANT. Jesus thought so and so do I.  The most of time, however, it is not the job it is our lack of planning and organization.
4. Don't let selfish people hinder you from building relationships with others.

Well I got to go for now. I have to get off of this computer, clean up my house, and go meet a friend for coffee. Do I have the time , no, but I am making the time for it because I am committed to building relationships. What about you?


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