Sunday, February 20, 2011

The course of Sin

We all were born into this world of sin and corruption. Everyday we hear about corruption from our leaders and from people around the world. Mankind tries , with their own strength, to be good but they can not succeed without the presence of God within their lives.

Sin is a disease that eats away at each human being. It's finishing by product is death. Only through the sacrificed blood of Jesus can save us from our deception. There is a true enemy deceiving many around the world. He convinces people that they are born a certain way, that their sin is OK, that their sin is not hurting anyone else, and that God is far from them. It is his entrapment of the masses. Convince them that God is far away from them then they will not be able to look in His eyes and see His majesty.

Many are convinced that they know more than our Savior. A painting never becomes more than the painter. The painter is remembered as the painter of the masterpiece. The Masterpiece is revealed and revered by many but the artist is forever more honored and deemed as the creator of the masterpiece. Why do we think we know more than our God? Why do we think we will get away with our sin? Everything will come to an end then what?

Rom 6:23  The payment for sin is death, but the gift that God freely gives is everlasting life found in Christ Jesus our Lord.

We can be set free. We don't have to be bound. The joy of sin lasts a very short season then what? The Joy of the Lord lasts forever. I whether spend an eternity with the Lord of righteousness than to succumb to the eternal damnation of my sin. I want to live free and never be a slave to my sin again. What about you? You can be set free if you so desire.

Our Lord is waiting for you. He is waiting for all of the Prodigals to come back to Him. He is waiting for the undiscovered heart to come unto Him. His arms are wide open. You can be set free from the course of Sin.
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